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This weekend was apparently the start of the classic stage season. And that kind of excursions is one of the things that apparently is always in favor.

Plotting a ride, that is a lot of work!

Because it's not just about organizing and turning off the ride. Behind every ride is a solid piece of organization and the investment of many hours. That is all 'love work old paper'. That is why we want to pay tribute to all those people who have been busy for weeks, if not months, or who are organizing such a ride.

A typical classic ride is usually such an 60-120 kilometer

In addition, he must go over the most beautiful roads and roads and through beautiful surroundings. That is why 'locally' organized journeys are often so beautiful: the thrower knows the region and with the support of his knowledge by Mr. Google in its various forms, by means of normal road and staff maps - usually 'he' - makes the route. And that route is really driven once or three times, the last time the day before the ride. Because it is of course always possible that in the meantime road deposits and diversions have been devised by the various authorities.

After the last ride, the route can be printed and entered or ready for navigation. And if the ride then starts at half past nine, the organizer usually has an hour or three in line work. And then the ride starts. And will continue to arrange and organize at a lower level. The organizer drives the front. The broom wagon, which of course also had to be arranged, is closing the gate. And if the broom wagon breaks down after twenty kilometers, then another broom wagon must be arranged immediately.

Arrange during the stop

At the stopping point (lunch & excursion. For example at the steam station in Beekbergen, where classics sometimes come and go), the arrangement / parking of the classics must therefore be coordinated, whereby it often appears that there are owners of beautiful classics who not quite mastered inserting backwards. “Turn, turn, by… To the right. Stop. STOP!!!" Usually it goes well.

Everything in harmony

Enthusiasts among themselves. If it is not raining, the mood is always fine. Like-minded souls who are not in a hurry. Top. Only the organization remains busy. An organizer asks a participant: “Is it fun?” After all, he doesn't have time to enjoy himself. After lunch and excursion, the entire circus must be restarted. When the last classic is gone, the organization checks the terrain and now joins the queue.

At the end of the journey, the vehicles must be set up responsibly again. Then the participants get their first drink. And the organization will be in conversation with the hospitality or catering. Because there is always something. Based on the scenario, some appointments are checked.

All's well that ends well

At the end of the day, the organization definitely needs a beer. Not very relaxed, but totally lost. But if there are messages the next day about how much fun the participants have had ...

Our compliments to all people who organize classic tours. And with this especially to Rob Gunsing from Dieren. Because the ride on the 28th was fat for each other.

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  1. Take up the challenge I would say 🙂. But I spoke with organizer Rob Gunsing yesterday. And he told me what an enormous amount of work the organization and completion of such a day is. But the enthusiasm of the participants makes up for everything.

  2. Many of the rallies are for cars of at least 25 years old and therefore it is a pity that owners of young timers, let's say 20 years old, have to wait at least 5 years to participate. Very unfortunate because the rides are still very nice to do. I had a Alfa Spider from 1999 and put away to have to wait even longer. Nowadays another Porsche of 18 years old and therefore the same problem. In Zeeland there is actually only the Molentocht, approx. 300 cars, but the restriction is 25 years and older. Zeeland is not overflowing with organized rides anyway, so it is really just for the "happy view"

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