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Among collectors they enjoy more and more prestige. Ottomobile - a French miniature builder - has to keep up its reputation. The modellers have been spoiling the collectors for some time with a rich selection of beautifully detailed models. Especially in the scale 1 to 18 Ottomobile builds beautiful miniatures, such as those described in this article Citroën GS X2.

This scale model is part of the August release of Ottomobile. We particularly liked this Frenchman, because in the 18 times reduced form the original closely resembles. The scale GS is a reduction of the X2 version of the first years. The modeled GS is built in an edition of 1750 pieces. He gets the color Bleu Hunaudieres from the makers.


The interior of this is very beautiful Citroën GS X2 from Ottomobile. Image: Ottomobile
The interior of this is very beautiful Citroën GS X2 from Ottomobile. Image: Ottomobile

Well detailed

What is striking is that the GS X2 from Ottomobile has been given the characteristics of that first series reasonably detailed. The clock shop is right. The steel wheels with the six long ventilation slots are good, as well as the chrome covers that cover. The two spotlights on the bumper approach the original, as well as the furniture and the design on the door trim. The interior is beautifully recreated anyway. Nice details are formed by the belt catchers between the front seats. The brand and type name in the slit under the rear window and the suggestion of the sliding roof are striking. Also note the counterfeiting of the chrome accents. It is striking. Compared to the 1 on the 1 original, the exhaust seems to be a good size. This model also has no opening doors, flap and bonnet.


Model is worth it

Ottomobile has succeeded in bringing a beautifully styled scale model to the market. Members of the Otto club can reserve the GS X2 for a net price of € 59,90. That is relatively a reasonable price. The expectation is that the retail trade will soon have an asking price that is at least a few tens higher. But even then the purchase of this model is more than worth it. Certainly if you are a fan of classical Citroën models.

More information about the scale models of Ottomobile can be found at this website.


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