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When the last congratulations came in, they were told once again why Jasper was not there. Jasper was in the hospital. Had a motorcycle accident. They reacted like the others: The ladies lapsed into emphasizing how dangerous motorcycling is. The men reacted more laconic.

It went well

When it turned out that Jasper would be okay again, the conversation turned for a while about whose fault the accident was and about modern motorcycle clothing that is waterproof, comfortable and hyper-protective. That you can just tap 1.000 euros for a motorcycle helmet. That for that money you also have a nice motorcycle for the coming winter. That all helmets and motorcycle gear are disastrous for your haircut and the toned figure. The latter came from Jeffrey's new girlfriend who he still hasn't gotten on the bike. Jeff doesn't fully realize the gravity of his situation yet. He reacted defensively when someone asked him if he could take over his bike when he started his second leg.

It was also a manageable evening with friendly people

And I had already spoken to Jasper in the hospital. He had asked me to look at his bike and report how it was. It looked like his GPZ 1200 wasn't going to be much more classic. I sent him the pictures of the deceased four-cylinder. Jasper emailed that he had had his Kawasaki appraised and that he would use the insurance amount to pay for at least a large part of his dream bike, a Z900. Because the other party was so terribly wrong that there was no need to discuss the question of guilt. And the compensation would be in accordance with the valuation report, which clearly stated that the said amount was such that in the event of damage or theft, an amount would be paid that would be sufficient to be able to score a comparable copy of the same in the short term.

That amount is always higher than the current market value if you search a little more quietly

That is why you can estimate the valuation values ​​mentioned in advertisements to be significantly lower than the selling price. The senior driver had turned left without signaling while Jasper was performing a completely legal overtaking manoeuvre. And during our conversation, Jasper had already concluded by shrugging his undamaged shoulder: “It's a shame. My own fault. But I'm still alive.”

Own fault

He thus sat on the theory, also cherished by frightened citizens, that motorcycling is dangerous and that as a motorcyclist you almost certainly have to crash. Still, I agree with Jasper. When you're so vulnerable as a motorcyclist, you have to assume in mild joy that the rest of the world is out to kill you. Not even out of ill will. But simply because the majority of road users on whatever shoes or wheels simply do not have you in the system. They don't see you. They don't hear you. No matter how 'loud' your 'pipes' are.

Grab a priority intersection when a herd of mamils ​​arrive from the left? You have no chance against 25 cyclists. Assuming that the rule 'going straight ahead' also applies to motorcyclists? You are brave or inexperienced if you think so.

If you, as a motorcyclist, go straight for you, then you are just as brave as a mouse that comes out from under the kitchen counter to lecture the house cat about the equal rights of housemates. "BITE!"

The idea?

Anticipate with every fiber in your body and let yourself appraise classic. Because even a Vincent HRD has a current value of only a few hundred euros without an appraisal. And that also applies if it is stolen.

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  1. It is idiotic not to be compassionate when someone has had an accident. You can afford fewer mistakes on motorcycles than in a car: that much is certain. If motorcyclists would ride in the same way as many (yes, many) cycling tourists, nobody would get out. That can also be said because it is so. In the Netherlands you even have to watch out for 'ordinary' cyclists. You cannot afford that brutal driving style in Flanders.

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