Paint damage to the car 

Paint damage to the car
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Do you have paint damage to your car, but you don't have a budget or have it repaired by a paint shop? Then in this blog we show a few options for repairing the paint damage yourself. There are more ways in which you can easily restore your paintwork yourself, which is a lot cheaper than having a bodyshop do it. 

Major paint damage  

By major paint damage we mean damage that cannot be repaired. For this damage, a part of the car has to be repainted, for example a panel. With this damage you can easily order car paint from CROP, here you can obtain the desired color in an aerosol. In this way you do not have to invest in expensive material to be able to spray the car. You also need sandpaper to prepare the damage compartment for the new paint. You start by sanding the damage well. Then you degrease the sanded panel, so that you can achieve the best spraying result. 

Small paint damage 

By minor paint damage, we mean damage that is not very noticeable, but cannot be brushed away either. Consider, for example, stone chip damage. These minor paint damage can be easily repaired with a touch-up pen. Repair paint damage with CROP . touch-up markers is an easy process. To remedy the damage with a touch-up stick, you must first degrease the surface well, after degreasing you can easily touch up the damage with the touch-up stick. The advantage of a touch-up pen is that you can get it in any color you want. Not sure which color code to get? Then you can easily have the paint scanned so that you can order the correct color code.  

light scratches

By light scratches we mean scratches that are not completely through the paint, but are clearly visible. With this paint damage you do not have to apply new paint to the car. You can restore the current paint on the car to its current state. These types of scratches can be removed by polishing the paint. The polishing removes a layer of the clear coat, so that the scratch 'that is only in the clear coat' is polished away. If the scratch is too deep, you should not want to go too far with polishing. If you polish too long, you will go through the paint and the spot will have to be repainted anyway.   

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  1. Not to forget: some prior knowledge of the type of old paint that needs to be sprayed. There are synthetic lacquers, lacquers containing thinners, water-based lacquers and very rarely cellulose lacquer.
    Different types of lacquers on top of each other with a different composition can bite each other over time (pulling, blowing, etc.)

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