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Panacea does not exist. But TSL works.

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A long time ago we got to know it at Yamaha XS650 Guru van der Heijden.

What is TSL lubricant such as oil, grease, spray can or oil pin?

  • TSL is one oil booster which noticeably increases the lubricating capacity of your oil, so you get less wear, less noise, fewer cold-start problems and lower fuel consumption!
  • TSL is one EP grease that is insensitive to water and extends the service life of your bearings!
  • TSL is one oil that really lubricates and one lubricant that really crawls (think of chains)!
  • TSL is a molecule that it prevents stainless steel from sticking (think of bolts / nuts, tapping, fearing, drilling, etc.)!
  • TSL is one chain spray that doesn't stick!
The molecular property of TSL ensures a strong adhesive film layer on all moving metal parts. This film layer reduces friction. The power of the engine can therefore increase and the wear will decrease.

TSL: the key to success?

Because TSL adheres to the metal and therefore does not sink back into the crankcase when stationary, the wear of a cold start is considerably reduced. The hydraulic tappets will produce considerably less noise because the lubrication is already present at the start. The creaking sound and feeling when switching during the first kilometers will greatly decrease.

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