Miracle drugs so ... What do they do? or what do they not do?

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Following a long and late conversation, we would like to point out once again: The panacea that is being promoted to make your classic run more efficiently, nicer, better and faster, that….
do not work.

Panacea does not exist. Dreams are lies

Just as humans used to think of ground owls' eyes to be able to derive unprecedented powers, so modern consumers expect (or rather hope) for the wonders of additives, things and 'just screw them in' that us through The Net, Tell Sell and on scholarships are presented

A lot of these miracle remedies have recently been tested in America. Of the 104 devices and additives, 97 appeared to have no or even negative effects on engine and fuel consumption. The resulting 'plus values' were all in the tolerance range of the measurements.

How it works. Or at least 'a kind of'

Part of the 'effect' of the magic drugs is usually based on thickening the engine oil and making simmer rings a little more flexible with the addition of plasticizers. Scholars still disagree about the blessings of Teflon and molybdenum di sulfide on motor oil.

Why then there are so many providers in this twilight segment? That is because we like to dream and that is the best approach for dream sellers. In the best-case scenario, these drugs are patches, symptom-fighters. We only commented on TSL. Because that company has apparently a very good line of lubricants. And if something is good for a man like XS650 guru Jerry van der Heiden, then it is also good for us.

So just give your classic carer good maintenance and use resources from a trusted source. As well. Much less expensive.

Oh yeah; the most recent hypes are the addition of acetone to the gasoline (can affect light metals and gaskets) and a bubbler that turns water into water (dust) gas, which means that the power also has to increase enormously. Almost as much as it takes in capacity to dissect that water.

Mechanical is always better. Yet?

But luckily there are also mechanical panacea. Kees van Rumpt - who makes Opel Manta's very fast and is a slalom driving Dutch champion with such a car, took such a panacea out of a cupboard. The 'turbo difussor' mounted in the suction line should ensure ultra-optimal mixing of air and fuel molecules. And that naturally results in a better running block that also performs extra. Clearly.

Or maybe it just doesn't work

The double fan is blown on by the gas flow in the inlet path. This requires energy. Energy that comes precisely from the gas flow that we would like to have so optimally in an intake process. In addition, the fan and its housing are a "stand in the way" in the intake path. Or does he perhaps give the fuel-air mixture an extra swirl or acceleration as a venturi? We do not know. And Kees van Rumpt, who knows the way very well when tuning engines, are endearing two blue gadgets. Things like this are also available with an internal electric motor, for even more 'boost'. They don't work either.

Personally we would go for the fake turbo. Such a set gives for $ 35 the sound of a turbo including the flapping of the wash valve. Then there is also fake piping for a twin turbo on a Corvette or Camaro and the always so convincing screw-in thing in the exhaust. That blows the unique turbo flute sound. You can have such a thing through AliExpress for only $ 5.



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