Panhard 24 CT. A special classic in AMK 6-2020

Panhard 24 CT
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Unusual. That's just an understatement for the Panhard 24 CT, which entered this month Auto Motor Klassiek has been described. The car is unique in several ways. State-of-the-art design and an eye for detail go hand in hand with the further development of the air-cooled Panhard two-cylinder engine. We saw a special cocktail and enjoyed it.

The Panhard belongs to Nico van Kraaij, a man with a special preference for specific technology and design sophistication. It is not without reason that he has owned the Panhard 24 CT for years, a beautiful and very early copy that further enhances the beautiful drawing due to its color scheme. Nico told a lot about the Panhard. About the technology, about the properties, about the design, about how his affection for the products of the oldest French car manufacturer came about. And of course we also studied this thoroughly.

Eventful and extensive history

In any case, there is a lot to tell about the history, properties, building construction and legacy of the Panhard 24 CT. So much, that it took a lot of time to refine, add and correct the article. We also describe the causes of the end of the last Panhard car model. The creation of the Panhard 24 has also been explained. And we answer the question why there was no four-door sedan with four-cylinder engine. With current knowledge, that would have been a valuable addition to the brand portfolio of the then owner, when other laws usually applied to automakers, who also wanted to anchor their financial position for the future.

Beautiful individuality provides the sunbeam

Within the somewhat gloomy weather conditions of the report day, the Panhard 24 CT brightened up the street scene. The French classic did that in combination with the ominous sounds of the M8S Tigre engine. A special experience. The 24 CT showed how beautiful individuality could develop. Still to the satisfaction of Nico van Kraaij, who revived his Panhard for the first time after the winter break. After this he gave the beautiful 24CT good spurs. Sliding across the road the sun seemed to break through, it was a pleasure to experience that sight.

Introduction to 24 CT and discovery tour

It became increasingly clear why the Panhard 24 CT in 1964/1965 was high in the tree in terms of purchase price. He was a curiosity within the price range between 10000 and 12000 guilders. The design ingenuity, the fine mechanics and numerous useful applications were merged at Panhard with a stretched and beautiful aerodynamic design. You will be amazed, and the introduction to the Panhard 24CT can best be described as a voyage of discovery that keeps revealing new things. A voyage of discovery, which was not allowed to be completed by the manufacturer of this illustrious car.

Mythical car in an 8 page report

It will therefore always remain a mystery how Panhard would have developed if it had been given a free hand by the owner Citroën. But that makes the Panhard 24 CT and its brothers even more mythical. Because it was already mythical and special during the production years. We are happy that we experienced it during the report day. An impressive day, which led to an eight-page report.

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This is what the four-door Panhard 24 could have looked like. Already beautiful in drawing
Panhard 24 CT
Many curves in the body have a sharp waistline.
Panhard 24 CT
The beautiful rear of the 24 CT also breathes dynamism
Panhard 24 CT
Beautiful Jaeger clocks in the 24 CT
Panhard 24 CT
The dashboard is not only beautiful, but also very thoughtfully designed
Panhard 24 CT
Beautiful piece of compact motor construction from Panhard. Accessibility is excellent


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  1. Bin ein grosser Fan vom Panhard 24. Diese Linie ist wirklich sehr sensuell. Damage hatte Panhard nicht das Geld für einen Viertürer. Bin mal mit einem 24 mitgefahren, wobei mich der Klang des Motors etwas enttäuscht hat. A 2-Zylinder Boxer fits gut in the 2CV, Ami, Dyane and Visa. Im 24 wäre ein munterer 4-Zylinder besser gewesen.

  2. Always found a desirable beautiful car.
    In the late sixties I was actually on the road, with a friend, to buy one, a red one.
    Now that friend had a mobile phone that I wanted to have but he didn't want to lose.
    I had often nagged about it but no chance until he suddenly says on the way, if you take the cell phone, I'll buy that Panhard.
    And that's how I never owned one.

  3. The most expensive two-cylinder in the world was indeed unique (torsion bar valve springs!) But also a dead end. Although the Panhard did not perform badly and the four-door PL17 was even used as a taxi. The model policy of the parent company Citroën did not want a better motorized competitor in the house, no four-door that lured the ID / DS customers, the Panhard was expensive to produce, customers would buy a Peugeot 404 or Opel Rekord 1900S Coupé for such hefty amounts instead of a car with a 850cc two-cylinder engine and so in 1967 finally the plug went out from the oldest surviving brand in Europe. As a consumer car, that is, because Panhard still makes army vehicles.

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