Frank's Panhard Dyna X86 Convertible (1951). Wonderful and elegant.

Panhard Dyna X 86 Convertible (1951)
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This Panhard Dyna X86 Cabriolet with a 750 cc engine gave 'acte de presence' at the old-timer event in Leek. When you see the photos you don't have to explain to anyone that it is a car to cherish and that also applied to its peers on the stand: A Panhard PL 17 model 'grandluxe' from 1961 and a pre-war Panhard X72 6CS Spécial from 1933 . 

By: Dirk de Jong

The Panhard Panhard Dyna X86 Cabriolet is the 'Sprint' model with a larger carburettor and more power. Frank bought it in 2004 and after a few years of restoration pleasure the car was ready to beautify the Dutch road again (2007). 

Donnez moi un Panhard

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Panhard – formerly Panhard et Lavassor – is one of the oldest car brands in the world. They built all kinds of cars, from small passenger cars, sports and racing cars to luxury cars. Competition in the automotive world became increasingly fierce and in 1955 the company was taken over by Citroën. The curtain fell for the historic Panhard brand in 1967. 

Panhard Automobile Club Netherlands

The curtain did not fall for the real enthusiasts of these French voitures. In 1968 a club founded to represent the interests of the Panhard drivers in the Netherlands. This concerns the supply of spare parts, organizing events and giving technical advice, but also the conviviality and friendships within the club. 

What is Frank's passion? 

The origin of passion is different for all of us. For Frank it is a good memory of the past, the restoration, a nice drive and participating in international meetings, but also the use of the classic for holidays is the south of France and Italy. There is great mutual involvement in the club with no fewer than 160 members. That is a kind of bond with the classic that cannot be expressed in money. As former chairman of the Panhard Automobielclub Nederland, he thinks it is great that a relatively small group of people enthusiastically shape the club. 

Frank: “I have owned this rare Panhard Dyna X86 Cabriolet for a while (17 years!) and enjoy all the experiences and adventures. These memories make life without my Panhard unthinkable. I cherish the Dyna X86, especially all the temptations of the design appeal to me. Surely the voluptuous curve should arouse everyone's interest?” 


It is clear that we are dealing with a true Panhard enthusiast. The article is a tribute to this special appearance, the Panhard Dyna X 86 Cabriolet from 1951. 

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Panhard Dyna X86 Convertible (1951)
Panhard Dyna X86 Convertible (1951)
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  1. My uncle in Paris had a Panhard, and the smell of plastic, the touch of the dull aluminum, the tinny rattle of the 2 cyl. boxer engine, and the 3-seater sofa in the front are etched in my memory, together with the mustachioed uncle, Gauloise in the corner of my mouth..

  2. How nice, the light brown Dyna z 16 was mine. I had together with Alfred, “de Eendenwacht”, a small 2cv and Citroen garage in Vlaardingen. At the time, we also worked for garage de'Lest, which imported French vintage cars. They had bought this Panhard in Belgium. Entirely in perfect unrestored condition. However, the Dyna had not been driven for years. The car was placed with us to make it technically in order. I liked it so much that I bought it myself, and got it completely technical. When the car was ready, I (accidentally) sold it to someone who was looking for a special old-timer. Still regret it.

  3. I find similarities between Panhard and Daf: both were brands with very original technical solutions. For the Panhard the original use of aluminum and the emphasis on optimizing fuel consumption, while for DAF the transmission was an original technical masterpiece. Both brands were swallowed up by a larger car manufacturer, which extinguished the brand after two years. And both brands have active clubs!

  4. Panhard is indeed one of the first car manufacturers, before the Second World War they built super luxury limousines, a bit like Rolls Royce today. After WWII, the strongly socialist (almost communist) French government found it necessary to determine what the car manufacturers would produce. Panhard was assigned to build a compact car that fell in the 4CV tax class, Renault, for example, had to build vans and trucks. The stubborn director of Renault also wanted to produce the Renault 4CV (developed during the war). He got permission to do that. The 4CV became extremely popular, the Dyna could not compete, was too expensive and Panhard was not used to and not geared to mass production and certainly not in the compact class.
    Ever wonder what the world would have looked like if there hadn't been WWII…
    The Panhard PL17 was an extremely modern car, super streamlined (with little power the car reached a high top speed), spacious and comfortable. Built largely of aluminum. Was a great brand!

    • sans la second guerre PANHARD n'aurait peut être pas fait de flat twin et continué le moteur à chemises coulissantes, serait resté une marque de luxe ou aurait disparue…….
      j'ai eu une 27 CT dans les années 70, voiture atypique attachante mais avec pas mal de tares aussi: chauffage inexistant, attache amortisseurs AR découpant la bodywork, commande BV par câble : destruction de l'engrenage de marche AR, suspension avant à lames !!

  5. I would buy it like that to brighten up my living room. Every second that you look at this car you have a feeling of happiness and a broad smile.

    • yes, that actually applies to all Panhards! An ex-colleague of mine in Veldhoven has several and we always look forward to the personal Christmas card with supporters.

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