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Classic cars and motorcycles in movies. Besides the actors, these can be very important movie stars. They must of course fit into the story. Fit in time.

The way in which filmmakers acquire their attributes varies

The matter is clear for the 'serious' filmmakers. There are a number of 'brokers' who have a portfolio full of classics. They may have a number of them themselves, but just the classic they need can be yours. That is why the brokerage database is a collection of addresses of classic m / f owners and their usually proud possession.

Ordinary cars 

For Dutch and Flemish films these are not Bugattis and Ferraris, but the classics that belonged to the street scene in the time in which the film is set. And because 'the street scene' usually has a fairly broad perspective, the choice applies 'as long as the year of construction is roughly correct'. Car Casting Holland is one such company that has been working hard in this sector for about twenty years. Book A classic is another well-known player.

The role of the classic can be simple

It can be parked alone or in a row in the setting where, for example, a Kreidler moped is on the sidewalk. But the classic can also be seen while driving. Often the owner may send m / f himself. If a situation is right, then the classic can of course also be driven by the actor or actors.

Check the insurance

It makes sense to check beforehand what your insurance policy says about these kinds of things.
The aforementioned casting agencies also simply get their players from 'the trade'. And then it doesn't even have to be for the movie. Dutch Lion Motors, for example, supplied the motorcycles for the inauguration of Willem Alexander plus motorcycles for 'Soldier of Orange'.

It is now quiet in film land

But once we've gotten out of the Coronavirus, things will probably get going again. This also applies to the smaller productions. In addition, budgets are often tight, very tight. That is why the makers often want to seek direct contact with the classic owners. That can lead to a fantastic fun adventure or a pleasant day. But under insurance terms, the risk is considerably higher.

Special movie cars

For 'big' productions, the hired extras can be supplemented with classics purchased by the filmmakers themselves. Think of the Ascona (s) who for some people were the real protagonists in the New Kids movies. As before in The Dukes of Hazard, the production of those films did not make it with just one borrowed or rented copy.

Only the use of 'Generals' with the Dukes of Hazard was considerably greater than the use of Asconas with the New Kids. The Flodder family also used their 'own' cars, whereby the red BX reappeared a while ago and was offered for sale.

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And that brings us to the 2015 film Paradise

Before that a call had also been made for suitable transport and there was one Citroën TA the protagonist. But after the first reports about the film, we have not heard anything more about it. We are mildly curious how that adventure ended.
We place the photos from our archive in a blessed memory.

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  1. Unfortunately the movie Paradise is not finished yet. Due to too little money, it has been put in the fridge for the time being. About 80% was shot. There are certainly plans to finish it.

  2. As a Renault enthusiast, I have to hook up with Soldier of Orange. At the time, Renault was very active in the film world both in front and behind the scenes. At SvO, many cars on the canvas are Renaults. This is also the case with the film by Grijpstra and De Gier from the same year (1979). Also nice is the film of 'When happiness was still very common' with leading roles for a Renault Estafette and a Renault 7 (!). In the dramatized documentary about Annie MG Schmidt she drives, historically correct, in a beautiful Renault 16. Do not forget Trafic by Jacques Tati with the Renault 4 camper and various James Bond films (R11 in two in Paris, Fuego in Moscow, 5 Turbo in Monaco). And Renault has been supplying the staff cars to the Cannes Film Festival for decades.

  3. Good tip, I never thought about that insurance.
    I think the film The gods must be crazy is a wonderful film, with a Land Rover series that is just not playing the leading role, but that doesn't make much difference ..
    I have never really paid attention to whether a license plate in a movie is really period. And that is very handy, at least you can watch quietly without getting annoyed by almost everything. In short, I know almost nothing: so enjoy!

  4. Sometimes knowing almost everything is annoying because then you no longer look at anything neutrally, this because of the many comments. But one thing is certain, an Ascona is not a Manta and the other way around. 🙂

  5. If you pay close attention, you can suddenly see a (for that time) modern car crossing the intersection in the middle of the 1973 film American Graffity, probably would have missed the barrier during filming.

  6. The garage in one of the photos is a good example of how people in France deal with their (automotive) past; it is namely the garage on the RN6 near La Rochepot, which a few years ago was restored to its former glory as much as possible.
    There is also a roadside restaurant in the vicinity of the aforementioned garage: Relairoute.
    Seen in the movie "Le Cercle Rouge."

  7. My Peugeot 203 pick-up from '57 was used by Car Casting Holland for a German / Belgian children's film (Liliane Susewind). Everything correctly and pleasantly arranged by owner Henno. Great experience and if Henno calls you: go directly to the offer !!

  8. According to, that license plate is still active - changed the license plate holder last year. Maybe this one is well known in traction circles?

  9. I sold my Cirtoen traction avant normal 1978 in 1948. When I saw this car I hoped for a moment that it was my old one. This was original Dutch license plate ux-61-36 Who knows if it is still on license plate?
    Jan Compagner

  10. It would be nice if the film makers also adjust the license plates to the time in which the film was set, for example a film from the 70s, do not use no plates with DR or DN or AM or YJ ed.

    • Even more disturbing I find that you sometimes see old-timers in historical films that only came onto the market years later ..
      Sometimes you also see a Citroen TA with standing instead of hanging wipers in a WW2 film. (e.g. in The puppet master)

    • I found that a disturbing element in the film that was made about the Menten case. A beautiful CX, but unfortunately with a young car registration.

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