KNAC petition for MRB exemption a great success

The petition that the KNAC put online (, created less than a day after the offending rule in the coalition agreement became known, is a huge success. "The exemption in the motor vehicle tax for old-timers is being abolished for environmental reasons." Well, the Netherlands certainly disagrees. The petition was signed more than 55.000 times, thanks in part to the huge lobby of enthusiasts who shared the link to their heart's content on their web pages, facebook accounts and twitter account, but also reported it to the members in their newsletters. For which of course our thanks. All sorts of other campaigns that were organized in the Netherlands, including a survey by the Telegraaf in 'Wat u Say', left nothing to be desired: the Netherlands is voting en masse in favor of the exemption motor vehicle tax for old-timer enthusiasts.

The KNAC will soon be offering the petition that was signed so massively to the government. As a result, it is still online until next Thursday 8 November. So you have not signed yet: DO IT NOW !.

Meanwhile, the KNAC, FEHAC, BOVAG en ANWB about further actions. As soon as we know more, you will hear from us. Of course it goes Auto Motor Klassiek just continue and we would like to unite with other magazine publishers, forums managers and anyone who is not represented by the above organizations. Suggestions are always welcome. Because anyway, this insanity, wrongly classified under the name of the environment, must stop in our opinion. You can always send a message, or below, or via it contact form, or directly to


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  1. Why are scooters (a scooter emits more particulate matter than a truck) not taxed?
    There are just one 3 million scooters in the Netherlands. Let those 120 euros pay per year, so earn 360.000.000. MILLION per year. Those are the real environmental polluters. But don't grab cars that run on LPG, they don't pollute. And raise the age of classics to narr 35 a 40 year.

  2. nice such a petition to fight together AGAINST the plans to abolish the mrb for old-timers, to then read today on the KNAC facebook site that they understand it is politically impossible to maintain the current regulation ... ..

  3. Everyone should mail a complaint to the Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment until their mailboxes bulge. A complaint in which you indicate that you naturally do not believe in this environmental charge and that they will never be able to rake in the intended amount of approximately 150 million.
    These people at the Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment would love to receive email: They will not always answer. An email that will have to be answered is the general complaint form from
    It is also better if you immediately, unfortunately only through a letter, ask for clarification from Rutte himself. For example, you can also ask where you can send the bill with regard to the scahde reimbursement for the significant loss of value of your old-timer that is already involved. Regardless of whether or not that exemption is canceled.
    Prime Minister Minister of General Affairs, PO Box 20001, 2500 EA. the Hague

  4. Shame that the true enthusiast is again caught here !!

    Increase the old-timer age to, for example, 35 or 40 years or have the first 5 year after the car is registered pay road tax. The true enthusiast will do this, but the people who only want to drive cheaply and thereby burden the environment and the youngtimer will find this too expensive and will get rid of the vehicle.

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