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Peugeot 203-403 book. Beautiful reference work in the best tradition of Wim Noorman

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Classics editor Wim Noorman has been a great lover of classic Peugeots for years. In addition, he owns several classics. In addition to some beautiful Lancias and a Facel Vega under construction, some historic Peugeot models are also included in his collection. The predilection for the beautiful old Peugeot models is not only limited to the ownership of classics. Wim also wrote some wonderful reference works about illustrious and important Peugeot models. His latest work is a very nice book about the Peugeot types 203 and 403. We'll say it in advance: that is a must for the enthusiast.

In 2010 Wim Noorman published the Peugeot 404 book Straight-lined Prosperity and six years later the Groninger also published a beautiful document: the Peugeot 504, a miracle on wheels† In between, an entertaining booklet with historic Peugeot advertisements by Noorman was published. That bears the special title The shape of the Peugeot was born from the winds fast speed† In September 2021, Wim Noorman added a new book to his works: Peugeot 203-403, 1948-1966, a tradition of success. That has become a book that honors the beautiful Peugeot models from the first twenty post-war years. More than. Moreover, Wim Noorman created the book entirely in his own tradition and style.

You can definitely call it a creation. Wim Noorman describes in seven fascinating chapters not only the origin and development of both models over the years. Traditionally, there is also attention for owners of a 203 or a 403 and for people who grew up with the cars. The section in which Noorman describes the development of both models through the eyes of miniature manufacturer NOREV is very nice. That is a surprising and interesting addition to the already successful and beautiful reference work. The book has a lot to offer for true classic car enthusiasts in general and Peugeot enthusiasts in particular. In addition, attention is paid to the special versions of Darl'mat, the Paris Peugeot dealer who, among other things, devised special creations based on the 203.

The author drew on a wide range of illustrations for the illustrations and, for example, worked closely with those involved with Peugeot. And without revealing too much: Noorman incorporated truly unique archive material in the book. Whoever keeps what has something very beautiful and in this case that led to special images that you will find throughout the book. The reference work also contains a lot of detailed information, which is otherwise very pleasant to read and not excessively displayed. Because that also has to be said: the layout is very beautiful and colorful, the image-text ratio is balanced and very well chosen.

Thus a beautiful hardcover book of almost 200 carefully composed pages was created. And that book really belongs in the collection of the enthusiast. For just under three bucks you can get a pearl that has a nice touch, is pleasant to read and enjoys leafing through. It is (still) in stock. The Peugeot 203-403 book can be ordered via the book's website, via the Peugeot 404 Association website and, for example, also via


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  1. Wim is indeed a very gifted writer and I like to read from your colleague Classics & Technology his articles about his own restorations and problem solutions of the technology of his cars. So Erik I believe every word you mention above about the book.

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