Peugeot 309 GTI16 1,9 (1992) by Fedde Jan Cats. A trump card.

Peugeot 309 GTI16 1,9 (1992)
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In the context of the policy of renewing the range, Peugeot introduced a new asset to the market in the 80s: the Peugeot 309. 

By: Dirk de Jong

This brought them into the segment in which they were not yet represented, that of the so-called middle class. In 1984 there was already a share of more than 30 percent of the market for this type of car. This Peugeot 309 was a five-door car that came on the market in different versions. The rear was high and compact, a modern car that was economical without sacrificing performance. The concept fitted completely into the market, suitable for a family with children. 

Peugeot 309 in GTI version

This beautiful blue Peugeot 309 GTI16 has something aggressive and exudes power. The youngtimer is one of top quality, with a mileage of around 100.000 and that over a period of almost 30 years. We won't talk about fast acceleration, the GTI engine guarantees that. 

No empty slogans

Fedde Jan Cats: “We have been regularly getting questions from France about whether we have Peugeot 309s for sale. In fact, we have already exported some.” That Peugeot wanted to be convincing with this fast GTI is even proven after so many years. With this striking Peugeot, Fedde Jan now has a trump card. The question is whether the special Peugeot 309 GTI16 will be kept for the Netherlands, the answer lies in the Frisian Witmarsum. 

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  1. We have also driven our 10 gti for over 205 years, oo what fun we had with this whopper, it was a red gti but later a pink one ha ha ha.
    We drove all over southern Europe with him, what a pleasure and driving it on the 200 plus highway.
    We got rid of it because of high fuel consumption, we couldn't wear it out on the paving stones, eventually sold for a second-hand bike and 500 euros I think.
    The kid who bought it had driven him to shit for a few months.
    Stupid stupid stupid of course should have been a keeper.
    But that feeling will have more readers here of course.

  2. The discussion flares up again, who was the 1st, the best, the longest . With the 16-Souspapes I picked up my technical French and the Peugeot 205 was a damn fast cart, impossible to keep up with the 1.6GTI from Wolfsburg. Can't because the 205 was Polo size. The 309 was actually a Simca-Talbot, but adopted by the Peugeot. Not only the bodies, but also the engines were 'taken away', some of which received the 16v upgrade. It struck me at that time that Peugeot has waited (too long?) to apply injection in its models, often single, double carburettors (solexes and webers) were preferred, up to the 309 which, in addition to the E version, already monopoint or dualpoint injection. A beautiful song: was the slogan.

  3. The segment in which they were not yet represented was, after all, the GTI segment that did not exist before Volkswagen had established it in an illustrious manner with the Golf GTI. The Golf GTI has been the example to beat ever since. But to beat those little steroids rascals, you had to come from a very good house. However we look at it, other GTIs have never been able to match the status of the exemplary original, no matter how damn good they were. Unfortunately, to my memory, the 309 GTI is not.

  4. Very nice, had a 10gti 205 from new for 1,9 years and drove a 140.000 with great pleasure (last year little fits). Too bad I didn't have room to keep several cool cars, but this was one of them. He then had to leave because of the choice at holiday "with the bbq or our 2nd child"
    In short, nice!

  5. The 309 was Tabot's successor to the Horizon.
    And Peugeot had the 305 at that time….
    With the takeover (read rescue) of Talbot, the new Horizon came into Peugeot's hands almost for free.
    And have they exploited the success.
    Aside from small things like spontaneously breaking rear windows, it was a fairly trouble-free car, also thanks to the time-honoured pushrods Simca engine during the introduction….

    • ce sont les aléas des regroupements d'entreprises, le repreneur trouve soit des cadavres, soit des pépites ……. je crois qu'ils ont trouvé aussi la 205 (?) mais aussi le moteur Diesel de la future 205….

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