Peugeot 404 (1963) by Joost. A treasured possession.

Peugeot 404 (1963) by Joost. A treasured possession.

The classic stories often go like a fairy tale. A car is slumbering somewhere and eventually some prince takes care of it. The story about this special Peugeot is described in the book '50 years Peugeot 404′ by Wim Noorman. In May 1960, Peugeot introduced the latest model from its collection, the 404, in Versailles. 

By: Dirk de Jong

Back in Enschede, and I can't resist. I'll soon be able to kiss Sleeping Beauty awake for a price that won't even buy you a new bike. This Peugeot 404 was built in 1963 and sold new by dealer Nijkrake from Enschede. The first owner traded the car in in 1978 after having driven only 59.000 kilometers. 

Emotional Strings

The dealer – and now grandfather – Nijkrake decided to keep the car in his private collection. The Peugeot 404 was technically prepared for its stay in the collection. The engine oil was replaced with preservative oil, the coolants and brake fluids were drained and then the car was stored. 

2000 fireworks disaster

Every Dutchman will remember this drama! The former garage was so badly damaged that it had to be demolished. As a result, the Peugeot 404 had to clear the field. Now it was time to wait for the prince to kiss Sleeping Beauty awake. 

Beautiful and silent

The Peugeot 404 was completely original, rock solid, the history known and the original instruction booklet included. Original Michelin X tires (but they had to be replaced after a long standing time). The rusty devil hadn't struck anywhere. 

The happy buyer

The second owner was a man with a big heart of enthusiasts and the minor flaws (small dents, brakes, adjusting valves) were addressed. So it was starting and running. The second life for the beautiful Peugeot 404 could begin. This story was recorded by Wim Noorman from the mouth of the man who bought the car from grandfather Nijkrake. Joost bought the car in 2016 and the Peugeot 404 is now a very well-known car within the Peugeot club, a classic that is cherished with indestructible enthusiasm. The mileage of this 59-year-old now points to 90.000. 

Sparkling energy 

It is of course wonderful that we can now view the Peugeot 404 through the nostalgic glasses and Joost wants to hold on to that image. A few years later, for example, he had the upholstery completely renewed. Just as it was then, with new foam and the original French fabric made especially – on old machines – in France. Can you now imagine men looking at this Peugeot 404 with dreamy eyes? 

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Peugeot 404 (1963) by Joost. A treasured possession.


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  1. Beautiful 404. Nice to get a Peugeot back on the road in this way. You have to drive, smell and experience a 404. These are of course 3 ingredients that a classic often has, but a 404 in particular. Everything about a 404 is fine above average. Also have a 404 that was in worse condition 5 years ago. My love for this car is paying off and I'm using it again.

  2. I had one from 1968 at the time, and bought it from a driving school owner who had it from a representative who used it up & down to Germany. I myself drove a good 100.000 km and complete the 500.000 kilometers. Yes, then it was really ripe for the Hoogovens…. that worm gear cardan had its own ideas when accelerating. But not the Indenor 1.9 diesel engine in question, because it was installed in someone's flat-bottomed boat in Hoorn, who sailed around with it for decades and sold it on to an unknown person 10 years ago. The 404 engine is now out of sight, but I'm not surprised if that diesel engine is still toiling as an auxiliary engine in that Hoorn flat-bottomed boat today.
    The 404 is still a nice PininFarina car, have fun with it.

  3. Beautiful model, this 404. In terms of price, they are still undervalued compared to eg Volvo Amazon, so there are still great bargains to be made in the 404 area.
    A production of 2,8 million units is also quite respectable for this model.
    My father had bought a new 3 504 times. The quality of the steel of the 404 seems to be better.

  4. I am working on my 3rd Saab 99 and 3rd Peugeot 404. After 2 404's sedans now a Familiale. The love for it started with the love for French life and the beauty of the model. Now especially the wonderful driving comfort has my attention. No car that shifts, steers and springs so smoothly and comfortably, in combination with great road holding for that time and an extremely smooth engine. They are not without problems, especially with the latter we had quite a few setbacks, but overall they are solid and reliable cars. We drive to the Czech Republic and the south of France with the 4 of us, with a trailer and 4 bicycles on it and a pretty full roof rack.

    The 404 makes traveling a party if you take the time for it!

    Now that the children are no longer with us, we plan to drive one of the coming years via the Atlantic coast of Spain to Northern Portugal. A car like this can handle that. This year we will probably go to Denmark or Sweden with my Lancia 2000 (Flavia) Berlina 75.

  5. Early 1980 I bought a nice, well-running 404. Almost immediately I stripped it, sanded it and had it sprayed. By the time he was ready to drive, the MOT had been entered and was rejected. There was a crack in the steering box rubber……. I was so pissed off that kt MOT happened that I sold the car for 900 guilders. Jesus I've regretted my impulsivity ever since.

    • My father was a real Peugeot enthusiast until the 405. His 404 screeched in the box, so we could quickly turn off the TV when he drove into the street and started doing homework….until he thought it was strange and his put one hand on the TV…🙄

    • I can understand your impulsiveness. My then girlfriend borrowed my Saab 99 for a day because I was recovering her car from a collision. She drove that my brilliant 99 total loss. I was fed up with those old cars for a while so I had my older '00 75, which was in a shed somewhere in the east, picked up by a wrecker. Definitely regretted it. What is the solution ? Buying a nice Saab 16 2018 years later in 99 ! ;)

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