Peugeot 504 (1979) from Rense. Back in time.

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Purchasing classics there

It started for Rense with mopeds and some of them still have an important place in the garage: A Zündapp, a Sparta and a Yamaha. It takes him back to his childhood, when everyone had a moped. 

What's great about classics? 

Rense has no preference for a particular brand, it may be a Volvo or Mercedes, the line and the design must appeal to him. He does not have a favorite classic, but he can appreciate a nice car. His interest in the classic world is very broad. 

Do you have more classics? 

There is an American Pickup as a workhorse, but also a beautiful Volvo in Bertone version. To make it complete, an original and luxurious BMW from the 70s and a meters long Buick. He experiences his best experiences on the road. The reactions always show that there is a connection with other enthusiasts. 

Something different: a Peugeot 504 in diesel version

A car with a proven reputation and reliable technology. This comfortable travel car with only 77.000 miles on the counter is already unique, even complete with an automatic transmission! And because this is a diesel version, it has not even been run in yet. Condition was very important and in that respect you can expect the best with cars from California (United States). Bert Zijlstra of California Classics tracked down this special Peugeot, he is well known in the classic world when it comes to the search for special cars. 

High degree of luxury

When you step inside, you immediately discover the high degree of luxury. Beautiful chrome trim, refinement in the interior. And with a diesel you can boast of a reasonable fuel consumption. You can tell that it is an American version by the double headlights and the large bumpers. There are no more business activities for Rense now, so there is more time to enjoy the hobby car life. 


Rense: “I am a fan of classics with a representative and personal character. The Peugeot 504 fits the bill. I have the feeling that the elegant lines do not age quickly. It's still stylish, super comfortable and well-balanced. And warm feelings are now part of my small collection. I like to dive into my garage, it colored my childhood.” 


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Peugeot 504 (1979) from Rense. Back in time.
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  1. But please , make sure or at least try to find European bumpers and headlights for it . I recently saw SEV Marshall headlamps new on a site / page of fans on FB in Africa for sale . The original factory air conditioning is beautiful, only seen once in the 1s during my work at Peugeot, but it was also imported. But very nice car. Had 4, from GL to Ti automatic. And rust? Yes , but mainly the ones manufactured in Spain ( can be recognized by the brand of the windows . France had Securit , the Spanish brand of the windows I can not remember , unfortunately ) .

  2. Excellent cars, mechanically indestructible, but they can rust like no other, especially the years built after 1975. If you can still get a nice stainless copy, rust prevention is the most important thing for preservation.
    (My dad had a brand new one that was completely done with rust after 3 years.)
    The model was also very modern when it was introduced in 1967. No fewer than 3,7 million of these were ever produced.

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