Sublime book by Wim Noorman about the Peugeot 504: “A miracle on wheels”.

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These are the moments that you will undoubtedly recognize. You have ordered a book via the worldwide web. Or you have bought a nice classic book at the local bookstore. You can't wait to get it out of the cellophane. Or when the book is packed well with a thud on the doormat. A beautiful book has recently come on the market that is able to evoke this specific feeling. Peugeot adept Wim Noorman wrote “The Peugeot 504. A Miracle on Wheels ”. We tell you in advance: it is an asset to your car literary collection.

Book about the pastor
Noorman wrote a previous masterpiece in 2010. The book "The Peugeot 404, right-line prosperity" came straight from the heart of this Peugeot fan. With this beautiful reference work, he rewarded the trust of the reader and the preference for this specific type of Peugeot. Richly illustrated and full of varied themes, the reader was drawn into the history and personal experience of many with this beautiful Pininfarina Peugeot and derivatives. It was also for that reason that we eagerly awaited the completion of a new masterpiece, not coincidentally written about successor Peugeot 504.

Richly illustrated and detailed
The book fully meets the high expectations. It is richly illustrated with beautiful photo and information material from importer, press, manufacturer and private 504 owners. This is how the reference book tells an impressive history of the car, which was built from 1968 to 2005. The model years from the start up to and including 1983 - including the convertible and the Pininfarina coupe - are described in detail. Production numbers and short anecdotes and facts are consistently mentioned. The backgrounds are also shown. The prestige battle between Pininfarina and “the Office”, the postponed introduction (1968 was mainly a year of social and political unrest, student riots and strikes), the first scoops, the first test, the first official articles with ditto press photos are a nice introduction to much more beautiful.

Everyday stories
Stories from the daily practice of former owners, current collectors, adepts who sat in the backseat of the 504 as a child and people who cherish memories of the 504 in a different way are also covered. Furthermore, there is a potpourri of "everyday things" around the Peugeot 504 put together, in other words: the Peugeot 504 in everyday life. The whole has a beautiful cover and a beautiful, historical interior of the same cover. The historic Peugeot owner will experience feelings of pure nostalgia just by seeing them.

More than successful book
For € 24,95 excluding shipping costs, the book is yours. We cannot say anything else that Wim Noorman has once again succeeded in putting together a beautiful reference work. A book that you as a classic enthusiast in general and Peugeot enthusiast in particular should not miss. It is a book about a phenomenon that is also written by a phenomenon.

You will find more information about this special reference work and the ordering method here.


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