The Peugeot 604 STI Heuliez Limousine…

Peugeot 604 STI Heuliez Limousine

The Peugeot 604 STI Heuliez Limousine ... That is a case of 'big, bigger, biggest'. The car seems even longer than the entire month of March that lies ahead. And he's in the March issue of autoMotorKlassiek.

If you buy that now, then you read yourself in the spring

The impressive Paugeot 604 was the umpteenth attempt by a brand other than Mercedes to infiltrate Mercedes' own backyard: The top segment of passenger cars. This has always been seen as the Holy Grail for French and Italian car manufacturers: Automobiles sell to people who usually buy Mercedi. And it has never been possible to melt the hearts of Mercedes buyers from southern regions.

But we have a couple of impressive classics left over. The Peugeot 604 for example.

But everything can always be better and bigger. That is why the French came up with the Peugeot 604 STI Heuliez Limousine for executives, French and African statesmen, the Pope and other party figures. A kind of Peugeot 604 XXXL. with up to 62 cm extra wheelbase. 124 of this type of battleships have been built. And in AMK number three is the story about one of those limos. A car that was once sold to a Dutchman for 8.000 Franc.



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