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We all want to grow old. Being old is less idealized. But time and time again it turns out that motorcycling is not that dangerous. Because there is a considerable number of old (ex) motorcyclists. And what they all went through! What they collected!

The generation I'm talking about are now in their seventies, eighties. Usually men who have been under the spell of the two wheels all their lives. And because there was more space at the beginning of their lives and at one point, motorcycles were worth about twice half of nothing…

Look, on the seepage tube we see cross-border programs about 'hoarders', about people whose minds have finally been sidetracked and stuff their shed, their garage, their house with important things such as broken birdcages, volumes of the Gazet van Antwerpen from the year jug, old TV sets or just 'full of junk, type:' unsorted '.

But a person who has gathered about seventy-eighty classic motorcycles plus an indefinable amount of parts in a set of barns and sheds in Limburg? That is a true lover. Such a person is good. However?

I discovered such a copy in Viavia. And after some preliminary work I am invited to come by. Outside it is so wet and dark gray that committing suicide seems to be one of the better ideas for a true motorcycle rider. But I have a mission. I set the TomTom to 'Nergenshuizen, Eindewereldpad 3A'. And go driving. Limburg is at its most desolate. A rained-out horse looks gloomily at me.

The TomTom reports "destination reached". I can hardly imagine it and drive back and forth a few times. A large old barn on a bumpy path. "Destination reached?" I'm calling my host. He answers and almost immediately comes out of a crooked door in the old shed.

A small, insightful boss looking out of his eyes is a ripped, greasy work jeans with chest piece. We shake hands and he weighs me with his eyes. I can come. Into the shed.

That shed is an entrance to a Valhalla for motorcyclists. There are a few rows of retired road racers. There is a very contingent of classic Japanese, plus a cross section of 50 years of Italian motorcycle construction. And everywhere there are, lie and hang parts.

The idea is that the collection will be streamlined in the coming years. Especially because he still has two Lamborghinis with work on them. But that selling is reluctant. After careful inquiry, it turns out that a lot of beautiful things are - not yet for sale. Not yet. He has promised his Lief to finish the collection.

The agreement is for the time being that six motorcycles will be sold per year. He advertises it for world prices. Sales are not going smoothly. But he is trying to sell. And show his Lief in utmost sincerity the advertisements he has placed. That he has now bought about eight more classics? His Lief does not know that. Nor does he have two hundred classic bicycles, those things with pedals. But my dream bike? He has two of them. And the least beautiful could be for sale. But that still had to be considered. He would call me… Oh, my cell phone rings. Moment please ...


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  1. N + 1….

    I don't say more.
    Because Jan already proposes to bring coffee cakes, I offer myself as a lifting aid.
    And that there should be a helmet more with it .. oh.

    • The state of affairs there is currently somewhat rough due to health issues. But in Grubbenvorst is Dutch Lion. Also very nice. Maybe we should come up with a bus trip to nice addresses. Will you be sweet for a few days? Filled cakes are top food

  2. Dolf, you will undoubtedly travel to Limburg again. I'll take you, then you can go home on your beloved motorcycle. Beautiful right? Regards, Jan. ps: I bring filled cakes for coffee 🙂

    • The state of affairs there is currently somewhat rough due to health issues. But in Grubbenvorst is Dutch Lion. Also very nice. Maybe we should come up with a bus trip to nice addresses. Will you be sweet for a few days? Filled cakes are top food

  3. Indeed, please more.
    Do the same with mopeds.
    I now have too many according to the people around me, but actually I just have too little shed.
    Or is more than 30 really a lot?

  4. Sometimes I read such a free article and I am happy when I finish it.
    But now I want more.
    So Dolf, when you've called out …………

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