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Plymouth, Dodge and Oldsmobile police cars

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Plymouth was conceived as a cheap type for the Chrysler line-up, but later became an independent brand.

Plymouth cars were mid-range, say our Opel Rekords and so on. They were made for the good citizenry, but were also in police execution.

Plymouth Gran Fury pursuit vehicle

And in 1987, the Plymouth Gran Fury of the local sheriff was an impressive car. The 'pinching' of the American V8 engines had already begun in the mid-1980s. The cast iron powerhouses had become lazy and meowy due to the environment and petrol consumption measures. And that did not fit into the list of requirements of the various types of government officials. Because a little sheriff wanted brutal ability to make his status clear.

And so we make a switch to the Blues Brothers

When Jake Blues is released from prison, his brother Elwood awaits him outside the prison. Elwoods car is a completely scraped-down former police car. To defend his purchase, Elwood reports to his brother: “It's got a cop motor. It's got cop tires, cop suspension, cop shocks. It's a model made before catalytic converters so it'll run good on regular gas. ”

With that he has described the uprades of a police V8 from that time: "a police engine (with quadruple instead of a double carburetor) thick police tires, police suspension, police shock absorbers".

Bells and whistles

Add to that all kinds of bells and whistles, red and blue flashing lights, a radio, a siren, a loudspeaker system to call people to order and a radar gun. The upholstery of the rear seat proved that practical matters were also considered. It was seamless and smooth. The cleaning of it, for example, after a drunken arrestor had puked in the back of the car remained simple.

There are clubs of people who have old army vehicles

There are clubs for people who love old fire engines. there are clubs for ... So there are also people who love former police cars. On ex-American police cars. Many of the Americans who drive around here in Europe looking like ex police cars are self-upgraded standard, civilian cars. But in Drempt, the South-French Mike Jerôme from Nice found the car he already fell in love with as a child. The 1987'er Gran Fury with its six-liter V8 is a real ex-police car. Including handcuffs.

AutoMotorKlassieks translation department

We were approached to do the communication between the seller and the candidate. There are not many Dutch people who speak French anymore. And in France there are two types of people: 40 people with money who don't speak French and people under 30 who do a little, but who don't have any money.

After a start-up process via mail contact, Mike and his Nadine got on the plane. We picked them up at the station in Arnhem and did our translation during the viewing and during the test drive.

The appearance and performance of the Plymouth were indeed impressive. In terms of appearance: in the States almost 100% identical police cars also rode with Dodge and Oldmobile emblems on the noses.

If Nadine had not been there, Mike would have driven the car home immediately. Now it had to be discussed. Nadine found friendly but determined. In the meantime, an offer has been made for Plymouth. The transport to the South of France was there in a discussion offer.

But there is a good chance that a Plymouth Fury with a Dutch receipt will be driving around within the club of French police car enthusiasts. Let Europe come.

FOLLOWED MESSAGE: The car is on its way to the South of France 🙂


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  1. The Pinching already started in 1975, My Coupe deVille then had the 8,2L V8 with tight 190 HP, but with catalytic converter and suitable for lead-free, stronger had to be lead-free in the USA. The couple was very impressive.

  2. am now well on my way to the seven crosses… as a child my father had a Dodge Kingsway with style in the forward and with the side-valve six-cylinder bore 3.1 / 4 ”later a Plymouth Belvedere also with side-valve 6 inline bore 3 7/16” with radio The great thing was that those chryslers side valves also had industrial / agricultural use. Well Dad had an engine overhaul company and preferably an engine like this was tested, of course certainty for everything sixty years ago. Then the Delco plus the drive shaft was only borrowed from the boss's car and of course put back again. Ha then it often happened to go to church on Sunday morning that he, the side valve so, gave pop and puff, but let's go, well, the boss could put the Delco in good time, usually a “blow” wrong

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