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Police Porsches in Autotron

Police Porsches in Autotron

In the weekend of 4 and 5 February there were a number of unique cars on display in Autotron. In addition to the cars exhibited there that had participated in films, there was an overview of all kinds of Porsches with which the General Traffic Service of the National Police Force had driven.

In the early 1962s it had been decided that fast cars had to be monitored. It was preceded by a trial of a few years. At that time, the police officers still warned about traffic jams. They did this by driving in reverse, ahead of the growing tailback. With hand signals and the flashing rotating beacon, the traffic behind was warned of the traffic jam. In that case, the co-driver stood straight up in the car. For this reason and because the Porsches were equipped with air-cooled engines that could withstand reversing, the choice was made for the fast cars from Stuttgart. From 356, there were several 1993 convertibles on the roads. The National Police no longer exists and there is no longer surveillance with fast Porsches. The loops in the highways and the cameras have taken over a number of tasks. In 50, the National Police was merged into the KLPD, National Police Service. Sorry all. That is why it was very interesting to see all those cars from days gone by together. And the corresponding gentlemen, in the white uniforms. With the corresponding helmets. To commemorate festively that it was XNUMX years ago this year that the fast Porsches made their entrance. 

Text and photo: Jacques van den Bergh

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