Pontiac Fiero Coupé (1984) from Teake, an enthusiast's car

Pontiac Fiero Coupe (1984)
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When was the last time you saw someone drive a Pontiac Fiero? The chance is not very big, because there are few MOT approved cars on registration in the Netherlands. Nevertheless, Teake has no fewer than three copies of this nice American eye-catcher, in all honesty the latter is already nominated for demolition. So this is basically a rescue story… Why the Fiero?

By: Dirk de Jong

Teake explains: “A few years ago I accidentally came across the strange sports car and decided to buy this car. What I didn't know at the time, however, is that these little Americans have a very special attraction. I am an IT professional myself and I had never tinkered with cars before. However, the Fiero's bills at the garage were so high that it was only a logical decision; buy a second Fiero to learn how to tinker. After having been in this hobby for 7 years and having built and expanded about 15 engines, I can now say that I am an expert in the field of these cars.”

Let's keep the Pontiac Fiero alive!

Teake: “In exchange for DIY work on a Fiero in Belgium, I got this scrap car for free, a model from 1984. Last registered in 1994 and clearly used as a donor for parts. Remarkably enough, the condition of the body of this car turned out to be quite reasonable, because the car had always been kept indoors at a school for car technology until 3 years ago. Since I've already taken apart several of these cars myself and have spare parts in abundance, I decided to give it new life, because what could be better than saving a car from the scrapyard? Just a new challenge to restore the car. See if it's possible. After all, the neighbours, friends and family thought I was crazy. The biggest challenge of saving this car was the engine, it had been outside for years without spark plugs and so was completely full of water and stuck. After a search of several months I came across a replacement engine of the correct year of construction that came from a Lamborghini replica. A Lambo with a 92 hp four-cylinder, that is of course not possible. Fieros are often converted into Ferraris and Lamborghinis. The added benefit is that replicas often don't have many miles and this engine only had 40.000 miles on it, the perfect donor engine.”

Share our passion

Teake is in a small group of friends, the members of which are all interested in the Fiero and help each other when needed. Once a year they go for a long weekend to a meeting in the German Alps, where many Fieros from Europe gather. It is about the meeting and the 'ambiance', and the enthusiastic stories of co-owners. Perhaps it is also a bit of 'hanging in times gone by', the cars are now more than 30 years old…

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  1. I have another red 3 fastback.
    It has been in storage for 12 years now.
    A really nice car, but the maintenance is a bit expensive. Too bad newfield fiero's doesn't exist anymore. A lot of knowledge has been lost as a result.

    • you don't have to be sad that newfield fiero is gone.
      It is better to spend some time in the car yourself than you know for sure that it is (well) made.

  2. American cars have had little chance here due to the high taxes, which is a shame.
    An American is a class apart.
    Ford Mustng costs in America $ 30000 In the Netherlands $ 130000 and that is the cost to ensure that those cars enter the Netherlands.

  3. I was able to follow the whole story from the Fiero group, it has become a really beautiful Fiero.. I am a little bit proud of Teake, this was a real victory
    and now even completely repainted in the cheerful yellow!

  4. they were nice cars, not expensive and you were never the one to transport “people”. When they got into some tech, finally being pretty good, GM pulled them off sale. A bit a la Corvair Monza. The almost only reason they sold poorly here (YVR) was that the tank that was in it was far too small. You were barely out of town when you had to refuel. That was imho the Achillis heel of the Fiero. A kind of Trabant from GM. Loose non stressed man made mudguards
    door panels etc. The cage was very strong by the way. A special car, which has never been given much attention. Mr Teake, nice car and I hope you stay happy in it, don't get rid of it.
    Greetings from YVR.

  5. again such a nice story, if only I had managed to develop such a DIY car hobby in my life…. Because these kinds of pieces of text (very good) show you how much fun the DIY car hobby is . I've always outsourced my restorations to good or bad garages and that's why I'm broke now in old age.

  6. I have one, an untouched original Dutch car with a 2.8 6 cylinder with automatic transmission.
    Sitting so low on the road it looks like you're going really fast. I have suspended it because it is not driven much. It is a nice driving car.

  7. Nice cars!! I've had 3, all as the hatchback version and instead of the 6 cylinder 2.8 engine a 3.0-3.1 engine with just a little more power, about 160 hp I thought.
    1 of the 3 had a manual gearbox, the other 2 an automatic and that was a nice drive.
    I had a lot of fun with it, the last one was even used for a wedding car and coincidentally the newlyweds were married for 25 years last week so that has been a while.

  8. In itself, the Fiero was quite a nice car. Not a lot of power, but most competitors didn't have that either. And the price I think was quite attractive. But yes, this car looked too sporty for what it had to offer and that is not quite right, given the pricing and competition. Things went completely wrong when certain esteemed do-it-yourselfers discovered that kits based on the Fiero could be mounted very easily, turning the sporty American into an Italian supercar in a weekend. At least…

    Nevertheless. Just be careful with them and keep them original, then they are the best (I think).

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