Porsche 914s at AquaBest

Then it's about the PURE PORSCHE meeting at AquaBest 22 in May 2016 and the own 914 field for 914s that was realized in collaboration with Arno Wienands of 914 Parts.

This year again, PUUR Porsche is organizing the annual PORSCHE Treffen in Best, at Aqua Best.

At this recreation park PP & Arno Winands offer a super location to meet there with about 2000 Porsche`s.

Arno Wienands 914 Parts would like to invite you again this year to be present with your PORSCHE 914 at the 914 field.

Participation is completely free. You will be pointed to the right place upon arrival by the organizers present.

We advise you to be present at 10: 00uur anyway. After all, it is a feast for the eyes to see the other participants drive in.

You can register via e-mail address


Aquabest Ekkersweijer 1, Best (Eindhoven)

Start time: from 10: 00 hours



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