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But now that it seems to be the umpteenth cold investment, it can suddenly become interesting. That is in fact an even grosser misunderstanding. Its power does not suddenly lie in an ill-considered amount of euros, dollars or other earthly mud: the Porsche 928 has always been brilliant as a car.


The über-Porsche was perfectly intended; a top model without concessions. Contrary to popular belief, the Porsche 928 was initially designed as a model above the legendary 911. Only later was this boss painted as its successor, because it was expected that the 911 would soon no longer be able to meet the ever stricter environmental and safety requirements. Funnily enough, the dedicated techies from Zuffenhausen were counting beyond themselves with that. But Germans don't like jokes. Or half work. And never say anything impossible is. They irrevocably prove the opposite to you.


That's what they had done with the 911. A super athlete with far too much weight and power behind the rear axle was in itself already not a brilliant concept, but Porsche perfected the dubious idea in a few decades. Even the increasingly feared environmental and safety requirements were always a few steps ahead of the deadly serious car scientists. That's how they kept the 911 alive, but the nearly perfect Porsche 928 in the shadow of this legend. Customers were inadvertently kept on the becoming more perfect Elfer point, while the Porsche 928 already was. The wealthy enthusiasts were almost brainwashed with the idea that a Porsche should have the engine in the back. The role of the Porsche 928 became so unclear that this intended protagonist remained in the wings for almost his entire career. With all his abilities and charisma, wirklich damage.

Car of the Year

After six years of development, the 1977 was introduced at the Geneva Salon in 928. A year later, the bulky Porsche was even named Car of the Year, a unique and unrivaled achievement for a thoroughbred sports car. Because that's what it was. Everything was right. An almost perfect weight distribution due to the transaxle construction of the front engine, transmission and rear differential. The lightweight 4,5 liter V8. The weight savings due to the use of aluminum doors, bonnet and front mudguards and the unique Weissach rear axle made the Porsche 928 a brilliant tourist.

A better concept than the 911, moreover worked out to perfection. The entire feat was beautifully packaged in a particularly futuristic and very recognizable body. In fact, the übersporter had been redefined by the Zuffenhausers, because even the Dadaist competition from Italy had little to argue with. And even in something as banal as boozing, the German was better.

Further developed

Because that was one of the few criticisms that the Porsche 928 received. Except that the whole concept wasn't Porsche's, of course. It was also somewhat true: the V8 guzzled as much gas as its builders devoured beer at Oktoberfest. There was still some room for improvement here and after the first year the technicians were forced to moderate consumption, mainly by adjusting the compression ratio. Of course he never became economical, but nobody in the clientele wanted that either. Saving super fuel with your super athlete, that's a shame on the Rotary. Here too lay the silent strength of the Porsche 928: the model was further developed throughout its career. There were almost continuously test models in circulation, which were continuously adapted and further developed. The advantage through technology did not come exclusively from Ingollstadt.

Special versions

Over the years, the Porsche 928 became more and more powerful, luxurious and heavier. From 240 hp in the primal-928, the power increased via the S, S4, GT and GTS versions respectively to about 350 hp in the last version, which came off the line in 1995. There were also various special versions during his career, such as a Rothmans edition and the rare Clubsport and Sport Equipment versions. Less rare, but still limited editions were the Weissach and Competition Group editions. In 1981, Porsche celebrated its 50th anniversary with 140 customers who received a special 928 S 50 Jahre Porsche and were incredibly happy with it. It couldn't be otherwise. Much better had not yet been conceived and built. But, as always, almost no one knew and potential customers ultimately sought shelter in the safe 911 herd.

The Best

The normal versions of the Porsche 928 were available with manual or automatic transmissions, but the majority left the factory without a clutch pedal. The body also underwent some more or less noticeable changes and became more modern and streamlined. During his career, the technology and the interior were expanded with all kinds of novelties and even more luxury. There was an advanced tire pressure monitoring system, there were airbags for driver and passenger, an extensive on-board computer was introduced halfway through its existence and ABS was standard very early in his career.

The V8 remained, of course, but grew into a masculine 5,4 liter and sounded a lot less hysterical than a comparable Italian vanity. Underrated Teutoon versus uncritically acclaimed tuttebol. All his life this, arguably the best Porsche ever struggled with this dilemma and with the mediated blinker brigade. Even indoors, he was bullied by his whining brother who always demanded and received all the attention. Up to the present day. Eternal sin.

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  1. Did you ever get to drive the original version? Even with 'only' 240 horses in the stable it was a great ride. A great sounding V-8 and perfect balance. An unforgettable experience, at least for me. Soooo much more neutral than that 911 where I once got behind the wheel and drive. The name 'überporsche' suits him perfectly. Unfortunately, he is too thirsty in these times where oil companies seem to rule the world….

  2. A super car indeed. I once got to fix one for a customer. I didn't know the model, I broke down with it when I passed a speed bump after the positive inspection test. It was a very strange breakdown: the engine had stopped and yet there was spark and petrol… After a lot of searching, the car turned out to have two fuel pumps: one low-pressure pump and one high-pressure pump. The high pressure pump had failed. The internet once again proved to be the savior, because the entire original workshop manual could be found on it! The pumps themselves are hidden behind a plate. This one was a later automatic. A wonderfully virile car, that sound ... think a little sports exhaust or something. More GT than sports car though. Gives you an instant sense of travel: lots of space, a sliding roof…that easy power. When driving quietly "120 to 130", actually economical. I think 10.5 litres/100. The buttons in the interior are strangely "big". Seems made for people with fat fingers?! The Model itself is brimming with character. No car looks like this one. I was always crazy about 911… neighbor has a beautiful 911 convertible, but if I had to choose, I would take the 928.

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