Porsche 944 from 1986. A dream car for Justin. 

Porsche 944 from 1986. A dream car for Justin.
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21-year-old Justin is a student and can already experience the 'Zwitserleven feeling' when he and friends take summer trips in his 36-year-old Porsche 944 from 1986 and enjoy the beautiful sound of the water-cooled 2,5 L four-cylinder power source. . No, it is not an everyday car and most days of the year it is stored dry in the shed, where the possession alone gives great pleasure. 

By: Dirk de Jong

But first let's try to put into words how the hunt for his first car started. 

Honda Prelude

Already at the age of 15, he thought this Japanese with its pop-up eyes was a super nice car. Maybe it was also a bit because Bassie and Adriaan in the TV series regularly came by via the tube and it became a legendary car. When the quests started - together with his father - it soon became apparent that the Prelude was rare and a good one hard to find. Often brown from voracious rust and too big a job to start. As a car mechanic, his father Justin gave some good advice: Small jobs always get bigger, then refurbishing is postponed and they become jobs you dread. The advice was negative. 

Unexpected love

On the search for the first car in 2019, Justin came across this beautiful Porsche 944. Well cared for with minor defects and some overdue technical maintenance, but at a reasonable price. It is not always the case that if there is a Porsche on the back, the car is priceless. No puzzle for Justin because his father's craftsmanship could solve this together with him without any problems. The car is almost 100 percent original, only the different rims belong on a different type of Porsche. And to make it even better, a spoiler set from a 944 S, giving the car a somewhat wider appearance. The realization is certain that originality is a great asset in enthusiast circles. 

Streamlined elegant classic

Justin: “I now feel a deep-rooted love for my Porsche 944. Classic driving with my friends is an adventure. I want to keep it shiny 'new' and see it as a pure collector's car. If I kick his tail, he'll roar! Still, despite the potential for responsible driving, I remain in traffic.”

Delighted with the property

It's great that classic car enthusiasts can be delighted with their possession, and that people don't stop talking about it. Each type of classic / oldtimer has its own character and qualities, this Porsche 944 is temperamental, has something special for Justin, just a nice classic and what is important: His mission is to keep the car driving for many years to come and that is possible because Justin belongs to the new young generation of classic car owners.

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  1. Beautiful car and a good choice from Justin! I have been driving a 14 of the same year for more than 944 years. Provided they are well maintained, they remain fantastic cars (even with high mileage, which stands at 375.000+ km). Timeless design (especially the front and sides) and phenomenal driving characteristics. The driving pleasure is great! It drives like a Porsche should drive. After 14 years I still enjoy every ride to the fullest! Happy miles Justin!

  2. A beautifully matured Harm Lagaay design, certainly for that time, that helped the brand from Zuffenhausen to survive (just like that other Harm Lagaay design from about 25 years later). That 2.5 liter block still had enough "meat" left because it ended up as 3 liters in the 968. This is a super cool copy, hopefully and probably Justin can keep this beauty for years to come despite the discouraging policy of the NL government.

  3. Der PORSCHE 924 (nicht der 944) war eine Auftragsarbeit von PORSCHE an AUDI.
    Der 924 sollte ein sportlicher AUDI zijn, but AUDI trat kurz vor Fertigstellung von dem
    Auftrag zuruck. PORSCHE beschloss daraufhin, den AUDI Auftrag zu einem proper Modell
    were zu lassen: der 924 as Einsteiger-Porsche zum 911.
    Das rettete sogar PORSCHE für sein Überleben, und so kam zum 924 der PORSCHE 944
    hinzu, spater der 928.

  4. I had one like that too. Same color. New type dashboard. What stood out was the quality of everything: hard chrome wiper shafts with O-rings to keep the grease inside, for example. Come on about that now! All plastic. And that was unfortunately also why I lost the fun in tinkering with the Porsche: every plastic (interior) part broke if you wanted to take it apart. The plastic had just become very brittle. But that will be or become a problem with all older cars. It's just a pity that new Porsche parts are expensive...

    • Plastic parts are indeed difficult, had a BMW 635 for years, always kept inside so that it did not rust, but despite careful use, parts around the seats broke off like old cardboard, new parts are also ridiculously expensive at the dealer unfortunately

      • … I don't know if it's ridiculous, in fact: high prices are often not ridiculous because better available than unaffordable. In my time at BMW ('80) I knew what it takes to develop a car, but above all: to keep spare parts in stock, 20 years after being phased out. And especially with non-essential parts such as upholstery. A brand such as Porsche, Mercedes, etc. falls or stands with the availability of. This is called heritage.

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