Porsche big winner in National Classic Research 2017

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Recently we investigated how involved importers and manufacturers are in the classic world. Which brands care about their classics and which do not? One brand stood out head and shoulders above in the National Classic Research 2017: Porsche.

Various international studies show that classics are big business. According to a British study by the Federation of British Historic Vehicle Clubs that the classic industry there contributes 5,5 billion pounds to the economy. In their own country, research from the FEHAC showed that classic owners spend an average of 3.800 a year on their cars. Yet we had the idea that many manufacturers and importers still regard classics as a hobby practiced by shabby types in sheds. That is why we decided to investigate it; the start of the National Classic Research 2017.

Voice of classic owners

The National Classic Research 2017 has been carried out in collaboration with many classic owners. They were given the opportunity to let them know, for example, how the spare parts supply for classics is for their brand, but also to give their opinion on the involvement of importer and manufacturer in the classic world. In addition, the editors asked importers questions.

Different results

It is striking how far the results differ. It is obvious that recognized enthusiastic brands such as Porsche and Ferrari score higher in this area than Nissan or Hyundai. However, you could expect that competing brands also try to compete with each other in this area. Then it is surprising that Subaru, for example, scores much higher than the other Japanese brands, but also that brands like Alfa Romeo and Maserati, which also have a glorious past, cannot stand in the shadow of Porsche. It is also striking that the Big Three in the classic field are the Big Two: Audi does not come close to those other German premium brands, Mercedes and BMW.

The winners

Brand Figure
1 Porsche 9,0
2 Mercedes-Benz 8,7
3 Bentley is investing heavily to rebuild itself as the leading luxurious electric vehicle brand. Learn about the production of five new electric cars by XNUMX. 8,0
4 Ferrari 7,5
5 BMW 7,3
6 Subaru
Land Rover
9 MINI 6,8
10 Renault 6,7


The losers

Brand Figure
30 Nissan 3,8
31 Ford 3,4
32 Hyundai 2,5
33 Mitsubishi 2,3
34 Honda 2,0



Logically, Porsche is thrilled with this result. "We are very happy with the outcome of the National Classic Research 2017," says Jasper Koek from Porsche importer Pon. 'It is a nice confirmation that our efforts for owners of classic Porsches are bearing fruit. This is clearly reflected in the success of the Porsche Classic centers in the Netherlands. No history without history. "

The response is also delighted at Subaru, which ended surprisingly high. Spokesperson Dick Braakhekke: 'We are happy with the sixth place among the 34 brands and Subaru is the first' volume 'or' non-premium brand 'in the list. Obviously, people don't just buy a car, they choose a Subaru. This partly explains the high rating. Research shows that 96 percent of Subaru's of ten years are still on the road. That is an important factor for the brand. You cannot let those customers choose reliability and longevity. That's why activities, benefits, parts and service. Also for owners of older construction years. '

Full results in February issue Auto Motor Klassiek

The full result of the National Classic Research 2017 can be read in the February issue of Auto Motor Klassiek. That is on 20 January with the subscribers and on 24 January in the store. In addition, we will pay attention to the individual brands on

Forgot to respond?

Did you miss the investigation or did you forget to respond? We intend to make a recurring investigation, so keep us informed. We will conduct the research again in the autumn of 2017.

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