The prices go through the roof

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The prices go through the roof

We were already surprised to find that a serious asking price of one Citroën BX nowadays just more than 15000 euros can be. We still remember the time when you were allowed to set the highest demands for 1500 guilder,

The formerly Russian sidecar combinations are apparently the next rising stars in the field of surprising price developments. The 1 BMW R1 cloned onto 71 are now for sale for amounts up to 8500 euros. And that is about a ten-fold increase in the price in ten years.

And from a Jawa Ogar for which 4500 euros is requested - and paid -? The buyer was very happy with that.

Why is it that the prices of classics where no one even wants to be seen dead in or on suddenly become so high?
It is often a case of the scarcity caused by the preceding period of disinterest. Or something that is actually a fashion thing. In the saddest BX time, the local demolisher reported that he had received 10 BXs in a week. And those things had plastic hoods too! As for the early Russian sidecar combinations, the 1 in 1 BMW R71 clones from 1939: These are bought by companies that supply vehicles for films. There they are 'converted' to BMW R71 and so they can participate in every film about WWII. And in their original state they can too. At still a fraction of the price of a Real BMW. The machines are also loved by the people who do re-enactment. "Play soldier". The still-produced Chang Jiangs CJ 7s, which in turn descend directly from the Russian tricycles, also play in that game. In this re-enactment hobby, the price of The Original plays a major role. Harley Davidson Sporsters have already been seen 'disguised' as' Liberator. And that looks a bit like the weakness of the youth of the past who stuck a 'turbo' sticker on the boot lid of a 1200 cc Kadettje ...

With the crystal ball

A smart entrepreneur would now make an analysis of motorbikes and cars while retaining some form of character, but they are not at all interesting for the current buyer market. These are now the you-timers with the lowest prices. In that case we are thinking of FIAT Pandaatjes, Citroën AXjes and Saxos and the recognized ugly early Japanese Customs such as the Kawasaki Limiteds. What makes the motorcycles that are not interesting at the moment so interesting is that, in the context of the Caferacer, Bobber and Scrambler mania that now prevails, they are often encrypted and rebuilt. And with every masterful conversion, an original surviving specimen becomes rarer.

Fortunately, the value and price potential interest us only moderately. We just love classics. But it is more than a bit of a shame that a nice contingent of fun classics is becoming unaffordable for us, enthusiasts.

But if a BX becomes too expensive, then a Pandaatje is also a nice option. And what will a Berlingoot from 2001 soon be worth?
We don't even dare to think about it.



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