Prominent role for five original Beetles during Classic Motor Show in Bremen

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In two weeks the kick-off of the German classic season will take place in Bremen. The Classic Motor Show in Bremen will then traditionally accommodate a number of beautiful themes. The car to which the organization also pays attention this year is the Volkswagen Beetle. The stock market managers bring five beautiful original and rare specimens to the northern German Hanseatic city.

In Hall 5, according to the organization for the classic recipes in general and the Beetle fans in particular, "Easter and Christmas will fall on one day". It is a cryptic description of the fact that five unique Beetles are shown to the public at the Classic Motor Show. They symbolize the great success of the German evergreen.

VW Oval Beetle
One of the five completely original Beetles present in Bremen is a copy from the “oval” series. Image: Volkswagen AG

Spectacle Beetle, Oval and Dickholmer
There is a beautiful original Brill beetle from 1951 in Bremen. A nice story is attached to this "Pretzel". The 65 year-old VW led an anonymous life in a German barn for many years before being shown to the outside world again. The Volkswagen Foundation has now established the originality of this rare Spectacle Beetle. But not only this Spectacle Beetle - according to the organization one of the best preserved specimens in the world - will demand attention for itself. An "Oval" from 1954 restored in the Netherlands is also a feast for the eyes, as is a gray "Dickholmer" from 1963. The latter is characterized, among other things, by the combination of the small - in between thicker styles - side windows and the larger rear window

Completely original 1303
The quintet of demonstrated Beetles will be completed by specimens that co-represented the position of the Beetle in the "seventies and eighties of peoples". An atlas-white and 1303 produced in Belgium, equipped with sliding roof and wind catcher, tells the story of the last highly modified European Beetle. The copy greeted its first owner in October 1974 and stands out for its originality.

Jubilee beetle from Mexico
Finally, there was an anniversary model imported from Mexico from the year of construction 1985. This is in such an original state of delivery that even the original stickers with the text referring to the then fifty years of existence of the beetle are still waiting to be confirmed on the Mexican.

Only Beetles already cause for visit
The Classic Motor Show in Bremen has traditionally had a lot to offer. But only the presence of these Beetles - for which a bid can be placed - justifies a visit to this fantastic event in advance.

More information about the event - which will be held from 5 to 7 February in the Messe Bremen & ÖVB Arena - can be found here.


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