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Purchasing classics there

We don't really care much for it. But we cannot deny existence: There are choppers. Those were ex army motorcycles where American ex-WWII soldiers sawed off everything to make them lighter and faster. Making it 'more beautiful' was of a later date. And the discussions about that 'more beautiful' are still topical to this day. We found a Prudon.

At the moment these early choppers - and left or right: they are motorcycles and they are classic and unique - suddenly seem fairly present in an essentially non-existent 'market'. They seem to be the legacies of 'Dads who have aged'. Thanks to Peter Koelewijn. And we think they are too creative not to pay attention to them. After this contribution… Because sometimes it has been good.

Choppers and babes

When USA chopper leaves (always equipped with busty ladies who were dressed too rushed or were about to go swimming. At least judging by their clothing) became more available here in NL, the idea was also picked up here. Including Babes. And please note: a few current global parts suppliers in this industry are located in the Netherlands.

There is no arguing about taste

Janton, Prudon, Dicks Special Paint Products, Norelli *, even Startwin were and are Dutch companies that made 'choppers'. It should be noted that the Startwin choppers were unique: They braked and steered like real motorcycles. How many Real Dutch Choppers have been made? We think that the brands are less than 1500. And where have they gone? A number of the Startwin customs have remained in the region and over time about eight have ended up with Joost Woesthoff. And left. We saw more choppers there over time. And they were not immediately dragged out of the store screaming.

You don't see much choppers from True Gods like Arlen Ness and Indian Jerry here either.

A little too much customization

Usually a chopper was so individual that he actually only fit his owner. The owners grew older. The unsaleable choppers went to scrapping or the sub-segment / smallest niche of the trade. Or the thing remained in the shed. Years and years and ...

Sometimes another forgotten chopper pops up. For example, some time ago we had the once almost locally world famous Bijlmer Express. It has since ended up in a museum under construction. And we wouldn't be surprised if this extremely exotic 'Prudon' chopper ended up there too. We have informed the director / owner. We have not been able to find much information about Prudon. The license plate shows 'Prudon' as a brand and 'chopper' as a type. There seems to be a link with Volkel. We'll pull that up again. Just like behind the vicissitudes of the 'Janton' brand. The people of Janton also made tubular wheels and imitation Egli frames. That appeals even more than exuberantly sculpted, in our opinion almost undriveable choppers.

A real Prudon!

Likewise, it is a real find, such a Real Prudon. This copy ended up quite locally from a shed at Dutch Lion Motorcycles, where they actually do not know what to do with it. Because it is a classic. A unique one. A project… But anyway: it is one thing that the market does not scream at all.

In the meantime, this 1000 cc V-twin is very characteristic of early European extreme chopper construction. The thing is expertly put together. And the paintwork once cost a clod of guilders. But who ever wants to give something for it. We do not know.

* Norelli

Motorcity from Apeldoorn presented choppers developed by director Henk van Norel (!) At the end of 1995. They weren't super creative, but built from purchased components and a lot of donor stuff. The main model was the Norelli ST 1400 A Long Rider, which was equipped with a Suzuki Intruder 1360 cc V-twin in a German AME frame. The machine had a very long front fork, bringing the total length to 2,64 meters. It looked like a hardtail, but roughly hidden behind the rear frame was the normal swing arm of the Suzuki, which was sprung through a kind of plunger suspension. Think of Harley's Softail, but then 1.0

The Norelli ST 1400 A Long Rider received its own type approval, but no two of the same machines were built. The entire production was based on the individual wishes of the customers. And how many there were?

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  1. Best ,

    I got a norelli from my father it is no 2 that was built .
    As good as new, and has stood still for 21 years. My father became ill and now passed it on to me .
    I'll never ride it but okay

    If you want pictures let me know.


    Barry Megens

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