Rain protection on the motorcycle - hearing protection

Protection against rain and noise
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Protection against rain and noise

Rain protection on the motorcycle and noise. The long motorcycle jacket / motorcycle clothing from the sixties was not waterproof. And until well into the 1970s, waterproof motorcycle clothing was somewhat yellowish from plastic with the shape of a garbage bag with armholes and sleeves. You bought such a set for a tenner at the Welkoop or ABTB.

In the past not everything was better

The bizarre thing about the 1.0 rain gear was that it was not only watertight, but also completely damp-proof. That meant you got wet in it because your sweat was caught like in a greenhouse. And it's amazing how much perspiration someone generates in a few hours. In addition, 'sailing sailors' were the most favorite - and cheap - waterproof clothing. They had not learned how to do their work on motorcycles and watered in just as hard as they cracked in the wind.

Today, motorcycle clothing is perfected to an unprecedented height. And the range is so wide that as a classic driver you no longer have to look like an Action Man doll from the euro box at the gas station. You can now be windproof and waterproof, yet stylish and safe on the road. You can make your classic season longer with modern motorcycle clothing. And longer motorcycling is always more fun. Just make sure that rain and fallen leaves can cause unexpected slippery spots. And stop driving before the brine cars move out.

Another thing that can make motorcycling life more pleasant: hearing protection

We leave the scare of hearing damage for what it is. But when I tried out hearing protection, I noticed that the earplugs flattened the sharpness of the noise of the wind. Good hearing protection only works in a certain frequency range. Because you hear less, you hear more. The hearing protection story is also useful for convertible drivers. Hearing protection provides peace of mind, reduces fatigue and therefore keeps the concentration higher

But today it is so wet that the moped only gets a day of rest.

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