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Rauno Aaltonen returns fifty years after legendary victory in Rally of Monte Carlo

Rauno Aaltonen

Fifty years after the grand victory in the Monte Carlo Rally, Finnish legend Rauno Aaltonen returns on glorious ground. He participates in the Monte Carlo Rally Historique. And is determined to again write the illustrious competition to his name.

The winning car was small. The cheers were huge. Relief, pride, and a certain level of satisfaction mixed with enthusiasm. Finnish driver Rauno Aaltonen sent a Mini Cooper S across the finish line as overall winner of the Monte Carlo 36e Rally on 20 January 1967. This was Mini's third triumph in Monaco after the victories in 1964 and 1965. Moreover, it was a victory in the sign of revenge.

Disqualification of Mini in 1966, recapture first place in 1967

In 1966, all fans, drivers and other stakeholders saw that Mini won the historic race for the third year in a row. To the astonishment of the international journal, the victory of 1966 (including podium places two and three, also occupied by the Mini Cooper S) was not validated. This made the Citroën DS and her two Finnish crew members - declared winners. The controversial decision was based on the inadequate lighting that adorned the three Minis in that year. The disqualification increased the sympathy of the fans for the small Mini. And thanks to Aaltonen's driving skills, the Mini Cooper S regained first place on the podium in Monaco a year later.

Classic hardships after fifty years

Rauno Aaltonen has decided to celebrate the 50th anniversary of his victory in his own way. He will try to revive the old glory days in the cockpit of a classic Mini. Aaltonen will undergo the traditional hardships the rally over a distance of almost 1 250 kilometers. The start takes place in Bad Homburg and ends up in Monte Carlo via the steep mountain roads of the French Maritime Alps.

Rally with optimally prepared Cooper S

Aaltonen is ready to drive the route full of hardships. In several respects, because the Finn already drove the route in December and compiled a route book. He has also ensured that the MINI CLASSIC Rallye Team has put together an optimally prepared Mini. This is a Mini Cooper S, which also ran in the Monte Carlo Rally in 1965. The Swedish Söderqvist Engineering has rebuilt the Mini to the exact specifications.

Holy fire must lead to a new victory

In short, only a few weeks after his 79-e birthday, Aaltonen will compete in the twentieth Monte Carlo Rally Historique 2017. And he muses aloud about how great it will be if he wins the race again, fifty years to his historic victory. It says a lot about Aaltonen's ambition to once again stand on the highest step of the Monegasque stage. An ambition that also makes clear that the enthusiastic and competitive blood still flows through the old Finnish veins.

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