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Cover Men, motorbikes and (what) girls

Men, motorbikes and (what) girls 2A few more bright clearings and then we are in the pit of autumn and our engines are dreamily waiting for the next spring.

In order to be able to dream away during that gray period, it helps to have the paperback 'Men, motorbikes and (some) girls lying next to on the table or bedside table. Auto Motor Klassiek employee Dolf Peeters is a genetic motorcyclist. In his long, often politically incorrect motorcyclists' existence, a long procession of unique figures and strange events have come by.

In the second, revised edition of 'Men, motorbikes and (what) girls', 100 of those adventures are bundled.

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  • title: Men, motorbikes and (what) girls
  • ISBN  978-94-6247-007-1
  • author: Dolf Peeters
  • order number: 100087-001
  • size: 208 pages, format 148 × 210 mm
  • price: 13,00 per book + 2,95 shipping costs per package

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