Really special: Museum Pakhuis Koophandel in Leeuwarden

Pakhuis Koophandel Museum

For years it fell under the name "The best kept secret of Leeuwarden". We are talking about the Other Museum from Oldtimer to Kant, or rather: the Museum Pakhuis Koophandel. We finally had the opportunity to redeem a long-held promise and took a look. To conclude that there, on the Oostersingel 8 in Leeuwarden, behind the warehouse facade with the inscription Museum a true treasure trove full of special attributes and stories. We already reveal: we were completely impressed.

The recently expanded museum has a large collection of pre-war vintage cars, which are set up in a cozy setting. The most recent acquisition is a Baker Queen Victoria from 1907, the patriarch of the electric car and the only one in the Netherlands. Special is that the original charging station is also present with the car.

First fatal accident in the Netherlands

Furthermore, our eye falls on the first car, which caused a fatal accident in the Netherlands. It happened on the Cauberg at the beginning of the last century. The Peugeot Typ 56 from 1903 stewed from the Cauberg and the brakes on the steep slope proved too weak to stop the French convertible. The driver wanted to maneuver the car through the gate of Valkenburg. That attempt did not succeed. The Peugeot turned and that became one of the sitting up, Mr Asbeck, fatal. Owner and museum founder Marchienes Geersing drove the same ride not so long ago. "And we can tell you: that was an exciting affair with some risk." The owner and the car did successfully complete the adventure.

Goggomobil and the first Chrysler in Europe

There are even more special vintage cars. The first Chrysler in Europe enjoys his retirement in Leeuwarden. And right after the entrance is a Goggomobil, which completed a very long trip from 1959 to 1962. Vegter van Slooten and his girlfriend Diny rode the icon from Dingolfing from Groningen to Cape Town, and back to Groningen. "This is the only car in our collection that is not owned by us," says Marchienes Geersing. "The rally heroes of the past are still the owners of today."

James Bond

We will mention a few special cars. How about the Singer Le Mans, with which the real James Bond spy Merlin Minshall drove the Monte Carlo rally? Or a copy of the DAF 32 S, which was specially constructed for rally purposes and of which only three copies are known in the Netherlands. And the Citroën C2, who played the lead role in the feature film "Help the Doctor Verzuipt"? They are all cars with a unique story, and they are part of a larger whole that, among other things, shows a preference for the Dutch DAF.

Also other historical showpieces in the museum

The nice thing about this museum is the diversity. Because also for a collection of beautiful old-fashioned (and mainly Dutch) radios, Meccano, old photo and film equipment, a large model railway with LGB trains and a lot of attention to lace and textiles, those responsible for this truly unique museum do not turn around. It houses a nice mix of permanent and temporary exhibitions that tie in with the museum themes. There is a wonderfully furnished old-fashioned catering area. Another striking feature is the Maria Louise room, a period room decorated in 18e century atmospheres.

Secret stories revealed

Where the museum was Leeuwarden's best kept secret for years, Jan Kees Geersing, son of the founder, wants more and more secret stories unveil. “Of course we already have the permanent exhibitions, which we supplement with temporary exhibitions. For example, we currently hold the Mata Hari, Lady of Fashion exhibition. Mata Hari was born in Leeuwarden, which is why we thought it was very important to give her an exhibition. "

"Sustainability and technology"

Geersing junior continues. “But we will also respond to the theme of sustainability, and we will also incorporate the historical value of technology and fossil fuels into a theme. And in the fall we will focus on Ford's history. The various packages are also important to us. "

Come and see

We say: come and see that. From 1 April to 30 December, the museum is open from Wednesday to Sunday between 13.00 and 17.00 hours. From 1 January to 1 April it is open on Sundays, also between 13.00 hours and 17.00 hours. The entrance? That amounts to € 5, - You can only pay this in cash, so take coins or paper money with you. Just like before. But you can - as said - also choose from one of the packages. They can be booked from € 7,50 per person.

You can find more information on the website of the museum: You can also visit the Facebook page of the museum.

Thanks to the Geersing family and Paul Ottenhoff.


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