Record holder tax discs

Tax Discs
There is such a 'tax disc' on every motor vehicle in Great Britain

If your collection of cigar bands, sugar bags or anything else has about ten thousand copies and you think you have booked a record, read on. In order to show law enforcement officials in Great Britain that you have paid road tax for the vehicle you are using, there has been a so-called tax disc - left bottom - for decades against the windshield.

Neil Jones collects those things. He has 120.000 copies in his collection and is therefore an absolute world record holder. Ever since he became front page news in Great Britain, streams from all over the country tax discs within. Sometimes a thousand a day! The 36-year-old Neil, a warehouse employee by profession, started his collection with the used ones tax discs from his father's Austin 1300 Glider. The addiction now includes not only cars, but also trucks, snow plows, steam engines, crane trucks, motorcycles, scooters and even lifeboats! His oldest specimen once adorned a French-made motorcycle from 1922. Despite all this, he has something to be desired. Bugatti and Pagani Zonta are high on his wish list ...

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