Refurbished. ZGAN or weakness bid?


Refurbished is a relatively new concept that is rapidly gaining popularity in the smartphone trade. Although it is popping up more and more often, it is not always clear what refurbishment actually entails. By 'refurbished' we mean products that have previously been 'used' and which, thanks to refurbishing experts, are like new again.

Personally, I have had it with refurbished smartphones after three deceased copies within the warranty period and a crumbling after-sales service. But luckily it is different with refurbished motorcycles.

So "ZGAN?"

But also Chang Jiangs, Russian side valves and Enfields from India can be 'refurbished'. That 'renewal' in the old Soviet Republics, the People's Republic of China and India has its pros and cons. The 'pros' are that local labor costs are low and that there is still plenty of new old stock everywhere due to the unbridled production of parts. Sometimes warehouses full. The history of the Enfields was of course different, but the numbers in India were also not wrong.

In this way, an engine with an official frame-related construction year from before 1975 - the year the type approvals were introduced - can be reborn with all new parts. Legitimately completely classic and yet 'as good as new'.

The differences in quality

And that as good as new has some venom. Firstly, the material and production quality under the various red banners and in India did not always have the highest demands. Second, it is as good as new related to the time when these machines were new. Say up to the XNUMXs plus the level of quality of the general work and production facilities in the former countries behind the iron curtain, China and India. And believe us: that was and is considerably lower than here.

In terms of production, by the way, it is funny that serious research has shown that the Russian M72s had no supports among the bolt heads. And that in the former Soviet Union apparently was common on bolt heads in 12 mm, and nuts in 14 mm width.

What you can expect

So you can make roughly the requirements of a machine that is almost 70 years old. And that while taking into account the fact that the Russians and Chinese still have their roots in the 1930s.

So see such a refurbished machine as the ideal starting point for a restoration. Check literally everything. Even if it needs to be keyed. Because, for example, headset bearings really like to run in grease. Engine work, which imports reborn Chiang Jiangs here, provides a 'to do list' on delivery that you can work on for a week.

So just do it anyway

But it doesn't matter. With the purchase of such a reborn motorcycle you actually get an original one in good condition for a decent price. And you don't have to put a BMW emblem on your Russian or Chinese and you don't have to put a Royal Enfield badge on your Enfield India. Leave them for what they are. They are already classic enough.

But of course you can still buy a new Ural or Royal Enfield. Then you have a classic with warranty. It should not be crazier.

Classic, but later 'ZGAN' again

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