Reliant Scimitar SE6A

Reliant Scimitar SE6A
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"What came before: The chicken or the egg?"

That seems to be a question that is at most relevant to chicken manufacturers. We, classic enthusiasts, can worry about the question “What came before, the Volvo P1800 ES or the Reliant Scimitar SE6A.”

Also interesting: Volvo P1800. The Saint's car

Reliant has become best known to us through funny videos in which Reliant tricycles leave the track tumbling. Perhaps the tricycle concept with only one front wheel was indeed not the best idea that came from the once leading United Kingdom.

On the other hand: the Reliant tricycles were extremely economic vehicles when they kept their tires on the ground. And you can't depreciate the chicken phenomenon because chickens don't give milk. But if the people at Reliant didn't have a panting bookkeeper over their shoulders, they could do much better than just make highly economic tricycles.

Reliant was founded by TL Williams in 1935 to continue the production of the Raleigh three-wheeled delivery van. This endearing truck was designed in 1933 but Raleigh no longer wanted to produce it. Reliant launched a passenger car in 1952; the Regal MK1. The three-wheeled Reliant Robin, Reliant Regal and Reliant Rialto were the best-known passenger cars from Reliant. These tricycles were especially interesting for people without a driving license. The driver could suffice with a driving license for motorcycles. Reliants were imported into the Netherlands by Waaijenberg from Veenendaal, the company that later became world famous through the production of movable traffic obstacles, the Cantas.

The Reliant Scimitar (1964-1986)

In addition to making those minimalist tricycles and miniscule trucks, Reliant focused on making sports cars. In 1962, the Sabra was developed in collaboration with the Israeli company Autocars. He comes on the British market as Reliant Saber. The design of the front requires a lot of empathy; the Saber will not be a great success. As a successor, the brand presents a new sporty coupe in 1964. The car is christened Scimitar, A 'scimitar' is a 'scimitar'. Something to explicitly damage people with. A name says a lot about the intention behind a model. That is why no one ever disappeared from the Daf Daffodili. A daffodil is a daffodil. And that is more endearing than hair-raising.

Those Scimitars were all dressed in a polyester suit

The first Scimitar from Reliant was a coupé based on the styling of a Daimler SP250 prototype (renamed the SX250) and the chassis of a Reliant Saber. The first of the series of exclusive British sports cars was built in 1965, the last almost forty years later. The family evolved until we arrive at the Reliant Scimitar SE6 (A) (1976–1980) that is now awaiting adoption in Ede. In the meantime, the Scimitar had grown into a luxury, fast car from the top segment. A purely British, sporty car full of character. And the unique looks of the Reliant were stylishly cared for by the same type of styling that was used with the Volvo P1800 ES (1972-1973). Among all those beautiful lines, the wheelbase had grown 10 cm and the spreading position had grown 8 cm.

With the best-selling Essex 3 liter six-seater

The Reliant Scimitar SE6A in the photos is equipped with a strong Essex 3.0 135 hp V6 engine with automatic gearbox. When Ford of England stopped producing Essex blocks, Reliant returned to the Cologne-based Ford V6 engines with a displacement of 2,8 liters. They were about the same in terms of power, but delivered less torque. The carburation of the German V Zessen was provided by Pierburg / Solex carburetors who were not without problems. That's why 'many' Scimitar riders installed the Weber 38DGAS carburetors from Essex blocks - or had them do so - when they were installed. The simply switched version could be ordered with a Laycock overdrive. In total, only more than 400 pieces of this model were produced. From 1983 the Scimitars were fitted with a galvanized chassis, which greatly increased their shelf life. The fact that the beauty that is for sale at Imparts in Ede is left-hand makes it extra special.



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  1. The Scimitar 30-TH-14, blue metallic, with the Wolfra rims as in the picture and the Ford V6.
    An old neighbor of mine had one. Beautiful cart with the overdrive switch to the left of the steering wheel, From its four, just throttle loose handle and then it slid into the overdrive. It was not completely trouble-free and I often helped the owner, who turned out to have a considerable relationship with Our Lord.
    Also often rolled up their sleeves to keep other Scimitars going, where the key number was formed by replacing the clutch. Due to the overdrive, there was an extra drum on the box, which gave the whole decent dimensions. In particular, rebuilding was accompanied by invocation of heavenly powers and various diseases.
    Incidentally, the blue is “loaned” to Volvo for a week, which inspired the 480 from it.
    The biggest personification of this, for me, impressive car was the implantation of a Rover V8 block. For example, it was eventually sold and the owner initially turned to the east in terms of cars and bought a beautiful aubergine 911/930.

  2. Have driven an original Dutch scimitar 7a for 6 years, mostly as a daily use. Fast car with very good road holding even in wet weather. Normal maintenance which is easy to do and parts available here in the Netherlands. Within 1 day at home, very good service. Now drives a GTC scimitar with the 2.8 ltr engine, also hassle-free. And as daily transportation.

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