Remove a cylinder head. The hard way.

A grease pump as a hydraulic press
A grease pump as a hydraulic press
ER Classics Desktop 2022

A grease pump as a hydraulic press
A grease pump as a hydraulic press

And hey, it is also possible to force a stuck piston to move in this way.

The cylinder head is immovably stuck.

What do we do?
* We demolished an old spark plug and solder a piece of pipe into it. Use more converted spark plugs with more cylindrs.
* We put a grease nipple on that pipe
* We put the grease gun on and we start pumping

Liquids, including the thick 'liquid' fat, cannot be compressed. So there is increasing pressure in the space filled with fat. A print that is very nice everywhere.

Maybe the head is slowly coming loose. Maybe he should stay under pressure for a day

But most of the time it works.



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