Renault 4 Safari (1976). The cheerful dimension to driving for owner Henk

Renault 4 Safari (1976)

Henk is a Renault man through and through. He has long since given in to his desire to build a Renault collection. And if you now come and sniff at his nostalgic steel children, it will be very invigorating and it will immediately increase your heart rate. We were very charmed by his partly restored 4 Renault 1976 Safari.

By: Dirk de Jong

Henk started at the age of 14 in the Renault garage where he worked his way up over the years as a mechanic, and later workshop manager to eventually become the owner of the garage. He denies that he is passionate, but his classic Renaults prove otherwise. There are now eight Renault fours, including this Renault 4 Safari, some Renault Juvaquatrephotos, a Renault 16 TX, a Renault Avantime and a Renault 20 in diesel version, probably the only one in the Netherlands. The hundreds of models, books and documentation throughout the garage and at the reception make us suspect that Henk is indeed a passionate Renault enthusiast. Everything about the history of Renault, collected over a period of more than XNUMX years.

Renault 4 Safari

When you think of a car, you soon think of the engine, gearbox, steering wheel and so on. At least that's what we say as adults. But children don't say that, they just draw a car. The demarcated space with a few circles under it, the family in it and look: the car is ready. However childish, that's exactly how Renault thinks about cars. Renault starts about space, as large as possible, as comfortable as possible for the whole family. Everything is built to make the space as useful as possible. This anthology comes from a promotional brochure from the 70s, but is in line with the concept of the 4.

Earned his spurs

Henk: “The Renault 4 Safari has long since earned its spurs. The Safari therefore already has proven qualities, such as sturdiness, safety and economy. Its 845 cm3 engine is indestructible. Its maneuverability, thanks to its tight turning circle, is unsurpassed both on the road and in the great outdoors. For me it remains a 'young' car that is economical and functional, and which we have completely restored (technology and bodywork) to new condition. ”


That is something the Safari can afford. Original, its cheerfulness, its way of looking different. The default color green has been returned. The handles, bumpers and protective strips color cheerfully black. Henk has not yet managed to find a nice upholstery set. Out of necessity, the Safari now has a Twingo sofa. If the Safari - after inspection - appears on the road again, it will always be a great experience. It gives a cheerful dimension to driving for Henk and other people, who will undoubtedly stare at the beautiful Renault 4 Safari. 

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  1. nicely refurbished congratulations sorry about the wheels that were not original size zez are nice keep it up with 2 x renault r 25 speaking diesels that I have call me call me 0032496105820 belgium

  2. When I think of cars with maximum interior dimensions with minimum exterior dimensions, the R4 is the first thing that comes to mind, even though the engine is very unfavorable in length. Shoulder to shoulder with your front passenger and then the other shoulders almost clamped against the door, which is only a few inches wide at most. Tail lights NEXT to the tailgate instead of partially in it, which results in a very thin tailgate which increases the luggage space. Passive safety is exchanged for better clarity, which increases active safety, that's how I prefer cars.

  3. I learned to "tinker" in the late 70s - early 80s as an LTS apprentice car mechanic at "van Marwijk - Renault" in Leidschendam at the 4, 6, 12, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 20, 25 , 30, Relay, Traffic, Master, Fuego, etc… But somehow never got a passion for it!?!? … Loved the sound of V-8 back then, and still drive Chevy 40 years later !!! … I live and work in The Gambia, where everyone is "Mad" about Mercedes, but when I "regularly" go to neighboring countries, such as Senegal - Mali (old French colony) then I am surrounded by all the old French splendor, such as Poegeot 404, 504, 505 / Renault and Dacia 12, Saviem (Renault vans) etc !!! ...

  4. My father drove one of the first R4s of the gas company he worked for. However, I miss the first versions with a tube as a bumper in front and behind. And the ignition lock was not there yet, that was just a rotary knob, and only the driver's side had a door lock with key, the other doors had to be done manually, we also went for trips with the friendly neighbors, then father made a few planks two standing and one lying down, that was the bench my brother and I sat on during the trip. Was a nice car and father drove it many km until DAf 33 combis were purchased by the gas company.

  5. they are really super cars. If you can buy such a car new, I would also consider it… .. No messing around with electronics, no burning lights. Just drive and lots of cargo space. But that is no longer possible…. No longer for sale.

  6. The Renault 4 is unforgettable. My first (a 3-speed) was very rusty. With filler and a hand brush I gave the car a reasonable appearance again. She drove perfectly to Rome and back.
    Later a green R4. Perfect too. Experienced many beautiful holidays in Europe. Only the rusty devil eventually killed this R4.

  7. Nice that this Safari has been preserved… I found the furniture very special at the time with those headrests on a steel bracket, it is easy to understand that finding replacement furniture is difficult if not impossible. Fours were popular with hunters in the French countryside well into the 90s. The large back door, low threshold, large cargo area and rear doors made it easy to slide the loot inside (and vice versa, of course)…. was together with my aunt in 1994 still looking for a good hard Foursome in the loire region and almost all of them were quite dirty.

  8. Great to go out in my Org Dutch foursome with good weather
    Always compliments for your great articles
    gr hans heule

  9. The Renault 4 remains a super nice car I have had 2 myself with a lot of fun driving it, only the rust problem that is very unfortunate also its predecessor the 4 CV I think a super nice car

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