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Renault 6TL. A new scale model of Ottomobile in 1:18

There is still a lot of market for beautiful miniature models, and various manufacturers are only too happy to respond to this. Such as Ottomobile, which once again announced a series of new models and presented the Renault 6 in 1 to 18 scale. The French model builder managed to build a quite striking scaled-down replica of the sympathetic Renault 6 TL Phase II. 

During the orange summer it is nice to see that Ottomobile also offers the Renault 6 in an orange color: Orange Andalou. The French miniature builder developed a very fine model, which is quite similar to the one-to-one original. That's the fun of French miniature builders. Much more than in the past, they also tackle the foreign manufacturers by the head. But people are also not afraid to pay tribute to their own history. One does not always go back to the very first versions of a model. Or to a real evergreen. Not so with the Renault 6. The Ottomobile model is based on the R6 version from model year 1977.

The Renault 6 was always a bit in the shadow of the Renault 4 and the Renault 5. Yet the French really managed to sell enough copies of the larger R4 brother. Certainly among the slightly less young people among us, the Renault 6 is certainly still etched in the memory. And that will be no different in home country France. The construction of a scale model of the Renault 6 is therefore more logical than expected. And will entice enough enthusiasts and the nostalgic to add this miniature to the collection.

The scale model is therefore based on the Renault 6 TL of model year 1977. And that is a (slightly) modified version of the Phase 2, which replaced the first generation of the Renault 1973 in 6. That the Ottomobile model is a TL is clear, among other things, by the moldings on the sides, the closed wheel covers and the well-detailed type designation on the back. Moreover, the end of the exhaust is not in front of the left rear wheel as was the case with the Renault 6 L, but continues in one straight line. The 1977 model year is especially recognizable at the rear, where the license plate is flanked on the left and right by lighting units. In previous years, the license plate was illuminated from above.

Unfortunately, you do not see a simulated 1108 cc engine, the hood cannot be opened, just like all doors and the fifth door. Overall, the Renault 6 looks successful. Typical Phase 2 features, such as the black plastic grille and the square headlamp units, are perfectly reproduced. Details such as the slightly higher rear side windows and the deeper rear window match the original, and the interior exudes a pleasant atmosphere that anyone who has ever sat in a Renault 6 will recognize. Things like the steering wheel, the door handles, and the rectangular speedometer are quite aptly copied.

Really, there are modellers who build the miniatures much more finely and in more detail. But you also pay a few hundred euros for that. For the price of €59,90 quoted by Ottomobile, you can order a great scale model that is quite similar to the original. The way Ottomobile's Renault 6 TL sits on the wheels is blatant, and the proportions are just right. They also did not forget the different dimensions of the wheelbase on the left and right. So in order, and that certainly makes the model an asset to the display cabinet for every classic Renault enthusiast. The small Renault is being built in an edition of two thousand pieces, and can also be ordered from now on. Or be bought in the miniature specialist shops in the near future. Then of course count on a higher price than Ottomobile now mentions.

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  1. Wow that's the R6 in the same color where we went to the black forest with the Paradiso folding wagon behind it with 3 children in the back seat and a lot of Donald duck on your lap. I am from 1972 and we also had the older model R6 in the color baby blue. My dad worked in the warehouse at Renault dealer van Zaanen in Zaandam. That's why we drove Renault. In my youth I always thought the R6 was an ugly thing, especially the orange color, but now I can really appreciate it. I think I'm going to buy the model for my dad.

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