Renault Alpine A110 from Jaap Noppert. The French prestige car

Renault Alpine 110
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The classic hobby often starts very innocently, but it is the enthusiasm that makes a collection gradually grow. This is certainly the case with Jaap Noppert. In his working years at the Renault dealer, he took a break from the workshop and quickly walked through the showroom to admire the Renault Alpine A110 (pronounced Alpine) that was on display there. 

By: Dirk de Jong

You could say: the sporty appearance of the Renault Alpine A110 had a high personal classification with him, but unfortunately also an insufficient budget. 

Already in the 60s began the sporting successes of the Alpine's. And those successes are always an attractive aspect of a car brand. That certainly applies to the Renault Alpine A110. The searches for a suitable copy went from Amsterdam or even across the border to Belgium. He found an Alpine there. The fire fueled Jaap, despite the poor condition. 

Restoration Renault Alpine A110

After the purchase - and the positive reactions at home - a plan was made for the restoration, which eventually took 7 years. Renault parts were used for the mechanical components. The polyester bodywork had to undergo professional treatment. “You are who you know,” is a statement that is important for maintaining networks. Knowing the right people who could help with the restoration, such as in this case a friend of Jaap's who had the skill to work with polyester. 

In the absence of various components, Jaap had to get started himself to copy them. After all, parts of an Alpine were not easy to get everywhere. If you now enter the garage of Jaap an automatic very softly will sing the French national anthem. Your eye falls on the beautiful blue 'bomb' from France. But you also see countless other Renaults that provide the necessary excitement and excitement. We will therefore hear more about all these 'enthusiast pieces', for which we would like to reserve some space in our columns. 

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  1. It often happened that you worked at a dealer with a beautiful model in the showroom. Similarly with Peugeot in the 70s with the 504 coupe. The Sedan was almost priceless for the mechanic, the coupe completely. Yet still had 4 of the 504 models in sedan, from GL to the Ti automatic. The coupe never came

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