Renault Colorale Pickup. A very special and special model for Bart.

Auto Motor Klassiek » Casual meetings » Renault Colorale Pickup. A very special and special model for Bart.

A robust and functional car that started car life in the early 50s in several versions in the larger car segment. Immediately available in three versions that were technically identical. This Renault Colorale Pickup was originally a French tow truck. 

Bart found it in a reasonably original condition. A previous attempt at restoration by the previous owner had failed. Partly because of the lack of parts, maybe also because of a lack of time, and who knows, a lack of finances. The crane arm of the Renault Colorale Pickup was even still present. This makes it possible to completely restore it to its original state as a crane truck.

Forerunner of today's space vehicles

The passenger version was very spacious and high, a five-door body and a straight rear. The engine was strong (but also heavy). Heavy in weight and steering. That may have been the reason why it was not a commercial success. The engine was already an oldie, known from before the war. The originally well-known tow truck was transformed into a real pickup version in the golden hands of Bart.

Spare hours

Bart: “I bought this beautiful Renault Colorale in 2011 in Amersfoort and restored it - with many interruptions - in a period of 3 to 4 years. The car was in a complete and original condition. So I didn't need many parts. But fortunately the help of Reinier Schouten, a good knowledge and car enthusiast. I was able to present the car for the first time at the old-timer truck show in Stroe at the beginning of July this year. I am also active with other old-timers in the wonderful ways of memory. My father is co-organizer of the old-timer festival in Stroe.”


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  1. A separate model, the 5 door version (Prairie) could even be considered an early predecessor of the Renault Espace.
    Only I didn't immediately recognize it because the chrome strips on the front are missing, in my opinion. These strips indicate: more the family look of the Renault 4CV.

  2. Hi Gerrit, indeed a beautiful Colorale, with the well-known overhead valve petrol engine from that time.
    However, I am concerned about the Saviem, I see that you have a tow bar, I have a question about that.
    No idea if it's allowed to put us in contact with each other.

  3. This here is the pick-up version, there were also van and passenger versions with or without four-wheel drive.
    The name is a combination of colonies (that was still allowed at the time) and rural (rural).
    In fact, this is a distant predecessor of the SUV that is so popular today.

  4. Can I be honest?
    Rarely have I been so enchanted as by the sight of this Renault Colorale. I didn't know this Renault model at all. The restoration is nicely done and the color is well chosen. The simplicity of the interior, the interplay of the cabin and the cargo box looks sublime. I think he's BEAUTIFUL! Congratulations to Bart!!

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