Renault Dauphine Gordinic

Renault Dauphine Gordinic
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Gordini is now part of Renault Sport Technologies (Renault Sport). But Gordini used to be a sports car manufacturer and tuner, founded in 1946 by Amédée Gordini, nicknamed “Le Sorcier” (the wizard).

Gordini became a division of Renault in 1968 and Renault Sport in 1976

By the way, the hard blue Gordini color was simply the color in which French racing cars were dressed. The Italians were red. And our Karel Godin de Beaufort was driving an orange formula car.
Amédée Gordini prepared cars for competition and took part in motorcycle races since the XNUMXs. His results prompted Simca (then still Fiat's French assembly arm) to hire him for the motorsport program and to develop fast cars for the public road. That interplay continued after the Second World War.

Gordini as a car manufacturer

In 1946 Gordini introduced the first cars to bear his name. They were single-seaters with Fiat engines that were raced by him and Jose Scaron and won several victories. In the late 1951s, the company opened a workshop on Boulevard Victor in Paris. Sports car and Grand Prix races were entered there. Gordini and Simca split up in XNUMX due to differences of opinion.

Gordini competed in Formula 1 from 1950 to 1956 (with a brief return in 1957 with an eight-cylinder engine), while the brand achieved great success in Formula Two during that period.

Continue with Renault

After the Formula 1 program ended, Gordini teamed up with Renault as an engine tuner, driving into Renault-Gordini cars during the 24 Hours of Le Mans between 1962 and 1969. He also tuned engines for Alpine, a rival sports car manufacturer also associated with Renault.

In 1957 Gordini and Renault produced the Dauphine Gordini, a modified version of the Renault Dauphine that was a sales success. Gordini tuned Renault cars also won several rallies in the 1963s and 1968s. In 70, the Gordini company planned to move its headquarters to Noisy-le-Roi. At the end of 1969, Gordini retired and sold a majority stake of 1976% of his company to Renault. Renault-Gordini was moved to Viry-Châtillon in 1. It became a Renault sports division before merging with Alpine into Renault Sport in 1976. On January 1977, XNUMX, René Vuaillat became director of Gordini. The Gordini company name came fully into the hands of Renault in XNUMX.

Renault then went on to make a good impression with the legendary name

And sold some more dynamic Gordini-badged performance versions of models, including the Renault 5, Renault 8, Renault 12 and Renault 17.

In November 2009, Renault announced that it would be reviving the Gordini name for an exclusive line of hot hatches. In the same way as Fiat's revival of the Abarth name. Recent models bearing the name include the Renault Twingo and the Renault Clio.

A gun license instead of a driver's license

From my childhood experience with the Scalextric track, I know how fast such a Gordini could be. For people with a strong appetite for memories like that, we found our fashion model, a double-muscled anabolic Renault Dauphine Gordini, at Gallery Aaldering. In the past, the car was largely built with A110 parts. Parts that were readily available at the time, but not cheaply. This special Dauphine is equipped with a 115 hp 1300G engine with two double Dell'Orto carburettors, a chassis with double shock absorbers at the rear and a 5-speed gearbox. The 1300G engine is an original Alpine / Gordini engine.

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  1. Now not an issue during corona but those Gordinis are also nice to see at the Reims fair (bce). That environment (straight, sloping and clear roads) is ideal for walking your sporty car.

  2. Amadeo Gordini, from Bazzano (Bologna / Modena) and the uncle of my aunt Lucia Gordini (married to a Pizzoli, my mother's brother, known from Pizzoli Foood Industries) and sister of Giuseppe Gordini (Idice, recently deceased), in his younger years Italian kart champion (early 60s), Formula Junior, and test driver DeTomasa Automobili.

  3. Find another such copy. The ordinary Dauphine is also almost hopelessly rare. They remain very nice cars, together with the 4cv

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