Renault R4 F6 Order (1984). Life-extending adventure 

Renault R4 F6 Order
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The family of Renault enthusiasts in the world is huge. Fans everywhere, who make an important contribution to Renault's past by honoring the classics. The Renault 4 entered the market in the 60s. It was a cheap, simple, but very complete car. It was basically a two in one car, fold the back seat and you have a station wagon. And especially the Renault R4 F6 Order version became a popular car for the small entrepreneur, even the roadside assistance was equipped with it. 

By: Dirk de Jong 

This Renault R4 F6 Order, an original service car, has served for 9,5 years at the Kroegman garage, which after his working life was sold on December 2, 1993 to a private individual who fortunately left the typical Renault advertising. 

I leave 

The owner of the service car decided to move to the South of France in 2006 and took the Renault with him. The MOT expired in 2007 with the license plate suspended, but that did not deter the owner from using the car for short local trips in the French countryside. He did, however, receive the necessary technical attention, as evidenced by invoices with the car for brake repair and replacement of the fluids. 

Stayed driving 

Because the Renault R4 F6 Order has remained driving, everything functions properly, the engine runs smoothly and smoothly. Of course there are some spots and blisters, but nothing disturbing. The insidious rust has hit the sills in two places, but because they are not load-bearing, repair - with insertion of plates - is very well possible. 

Back to the Netherlands

How did this fun, unique Renault R4 F6 Order return to the Netherlands? Actually a special story. Maarten Jan is a Citrofile in heart and soul who, during his holiday in the South of France, rummaged through the car sites and found an advertisement for this Renault. That immediately gave him a lump in the throat. Especially because the place where this service car was parked was only 5 minutes from the campsite where he stayed. Real beauty must not perish, which is why Maarten Jan bought the Renault 4 to pick it up with his father a few months later, the rescue was successful. 

New future 

Now he is waiting in the shed for a new owner, who also wants to keep the classic hobby alive and ensures a 'life extension' of this special 'four'.

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  1. As Citrofiel with ao Citroëns as Ami 6 and 8, a few years ago I showed up my Renault 12 estate at the gate of a huge parking lot of the annual CitroënCitromobile spectacle in Vijfhuizen.
    'But that's not Citroën, but a Renault 'was immediately said. 'That's right, I said, but this rusts just as quickly and is also special'
    Those were enough valid arguments to be allowed to continue!
    Roel dekker

  2. The Renault 4 is a great car to drive. Only drawback is the rust problem. I myself have had two 4F4 the little brother of the 4F6. And I've had a 4TL and have nice memories of it

  3. Technically as strong as the ox and the donkey, because most of them were delivered with the Billancourt engine dating back to 1947. Later the 850 and 1100 got the Cléon-Fonte, another beautiful engine, which we know from our Daf 55 and 66. And 77, even though it became a Volvo.
    Rust? No problem. The bodywork could be unscrewed from the chassis in such a way, which mainly consisted of straightforward sheet metal, so easy to repair. And the wheels were not aligned left and right, due to the torsion bars running the width of the car.
    All super handy and sold more than 8 million times.

  4. In '83 I had a red van with long side windows. When we had a daughter in '84, we put the buddy box in the cargo area. I had forgotten that there was a flap above the back door that could be lifted so that taking long objects was no problem. The car was traded in for one Citroën GS break.

    • Only the Super Confort version had that glass window that you could fold upwards and a small tailgate hinged downwards. Also had a folding rear seat. You see little.

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