Renault R8 Automatique (1970): “Give me eight”, here's Rob's R8. 

Renault R8 Automatic (1970)

This is how the text on the Renault folder starts in the 70s, and now after 50 years you still have to pay attention to the road when you see it coming in the rear-view mirror, because you want to view and check this beautiful classic for longer. 

By: Dirk de Jong 

Renault was the first to equip series cars with 4 disc brakes, so reliable maximum and smooth braking power. It had a closed cooling system and a bright, smooth engine. Surprisingly economical and exceptionally good comfort, was it already a car of standing then? 

Rare appearance

Rob is a wildly enthusiastic teacher who likes to dive into the garage for key fun after his busy work. His plans for this Renault 8 were not realized, it would be a very rare appearance, so it is good that he tells his own 'histoire'. 

A nice story 

Rob: “In the end I bought the Renault at Renault garage Dijkstra in Leeuwarden, where it was previously intended to end up in the Renault collection. I thought the Renault 8 was a fantastic model and could hardly contain my enthusiasm. Fortunately, I did make an agreement that I would be called first in the event of a sale. The plans were changed, there had to be space where, to my great surprise, I was still called to come to business. The sale was quickly closed with as a bonus for me a whole series of Renault 8 parts, and what was also special: The guarantee certificate from the first owner when it was bought in 1970 was included. I must admit that the Renault 8 then waited 8 years for my attention. I did buy a 1400 Gordini engine and double webers before. ” 

Class car with performance

Rob: “You already understand, I was definitely planning to make it a Renault 8 Gordini with more power than the production car. Yet I gradually found out that it was quite a shame, an automatic R8 is after all rare, and certainly because it works fine. It makes more sense to drive and enjoy it. ” The choice to keep the Renault 8 completely original can be a re-experience of how drivers drove 50 years ago on the road. The modern technique of the past is now the old technique of the past and isn't that part of the charm ?? 

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  1. Funny, my old car, was originally beige in color. I found the parts that came with it on eBay France. Also those 2 headlights. And the oil filter was not on it at first, I installed it. Right barges behind I made a VW hood 🙂

  2. Have a Renault 8, a funny, funny and economical car. It turned out that he also did well with the ladies, ha, ha.ha.
    Then had a Renault 10 major. Every week up and down, from the Netherlands, to “le haute Buc”, behind Versailles ,. Every day up and down to Ponchartrain, to work
    Then had a Renault 6 TL, went so well in the corners. Just nice cars.
    He had a pair of Dacia's Sandero since 2008 and a Renault Twingo as a second car since 2012.
    Just nice cars with a nice engine in it.
    Renault c'est La France and La France c ”est Renault.

  3. My uncle drove a white R60 with red interior trim in the 8s, a nice car at the time.
    Afterwards bought an R 16, he kept driving with Renault all his life.

    • I drove an R13 for 8 years, completely converted with a 1.4 from a Volvo 340 bucket seats and wide cmr rims
      Finally sold this one to fulfill a long cherished wish an Alpine v6 gt

  4. I was the first car to have a Renault R8, it was simple and economical to drive, was also fun with the Floride and Caravelle.

  5. What a nice car and indeed keep it that way! The space for the legs in the back was very modest or were we smaller then? After my 2CV, a bright orange 1975L was my first new car in 5 and another 6L, two 5 GTLs and an R5 were to follow in the following 18 years. Nice cars, but very sensitive to rust ...

  6. The Renault is my favorite brand, I drove the Renault 5 L myself, first a red one, then a green one
    it has always been my passion once a Renault, always a Renault, unfortunately that was canceled, but I do have a collection of 36 Renault Models scale 1 to 43 and 1 on a scale 1 to 36 that 36 thirty is a blue Renault 4 I have in my collection also a Renault 8 Gordine and a Renault 10 in between was the Renault 9 and I have that too.

  7. Sorry, but it was not Renault that first appeared on the market with a series car (large-scale produced) with disc brakes all around. The very first Lancia Flavia was introduced in 1961/62, so roughly 9 years before the Renault

  8. I also have an original Dutch R 8 from 1968, in perfect condition, car is always wanted by anyone over 60, there is an atmosphere of sentiment and recognition around it; we went on holiday with that, the three of us in the backseat and a roof rack on the roof and stories like that

  9. a lovely car I drove an R8 and later a beautiful dark green R8 S and that was very nice performed with an Abarth exhaust. that was in 1972 that exchanged for an R 12 in 1975. beautiful cars. now drive Scenic

  10. The R8, R10 and similar Simca 1000 could be found on every street corner in the 70s and were popular in rallies. It has been over 30 years since I saw another one in real life. Nice cars! They were also the typical second-hand student cars for little besides the Fiat 2 until the 128s, then they disappeared from the picture. Take care of these very last copies.

  11. Nice R8

    And never make a Gordini! Only one type of Gordini is possible, and that is an original one.

    Such an original machine is much cooler!

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