Restoration: Before and After ...

Restoration: Before and After ... You do know the advertisements. Very inspiring. The photos of this Before and After are from a KMZ K750, the kind of machine that until recently went for the kilo price.

Damn it! That stuff is also getting expensive!

But in the meantime, the Russians have apparently achieved classic recognition and are not just fun packages for an eternal key life. In fact, nice 'projects' or 'quite nice combinations', they no longer enter the country. Because in what was once the CCCP work was done according to plan politics, factories actually all made as much as possible. Whether there was sales for it or not. This results in the fact that there are still a lot of original parts hanging around in those former communist countries. Add to that the fact that there is still a lot of traditional craftsmanship locally and the hourly rates are not yet at Randstad ICT level ...

Then it has always been handy for a Russian lover to talk to his network on the spot. For example, motorcycles are now being purchased and restored locally. Because they are carefully restored and built up, they are better than new. No matter how relative that is, because they are of course motorcycles of at least 60 years old.

AMK reader, motorcycle fanatic and goldsmith Ben van Helden - - has acquired such a 'ZGAN' Russian. And that the machine cost him much more than the 500 guilders he paid for his first Russian combination? He doesn't care.

The former Eastern Bloc has been definitively discovered. Slovaks and Czechs are looking for Jawas here. Former DDR residents and their children search for MZs on our market. All 'Ostalgie'.

And then we have to look deeply behind the former Iron Curtain. Because there, where the Internet is still rare, we may have a line in the meantime to a couple of the almost 30,000 Harley-Davidsons that were shipped to 'Russia' as part of the Lend-Lease program. Exciting!


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