Retro or fake?

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Retro or fake?

Retro styling proves that some things were indeed better in the past and / or that the imagination of the youngest generation of marketers and designers leaves something to be desired. After that Triumph, a while ago, the injection of the Bonnevilles fitted with a canopy that looked exactly like a carburetor, we thought that was done very cleverly by the retro marketeers. I myself am - thanks to Hergé - more of 'the clear line', as in 'what you see, that is what it is'.

When someone proudly pointed out that he had purchased the imitation carburetors of his Bonnie fake gas sliding door covers with empty gas and choke cables, I found that compassionate. Just like the set pieces that are sold as a kick starter for our structurally electrically starting Harley brothers. It sounds a bit like sticky tattoos, or to involve the other sex gender-responsibly, on a push up wonder bra. Or as safe sex with an inflatable doll. But oh well: Mick Jagger once during a concert once a rolled sock fell out of his leg. So we all want to look cooler than we are.

All clean appearance

I recently read an interview with an intergalactic - or in my own circle - famous Custom Guru. He said that it had cost him a huge amount of money, time and effort to make his Last Creation look like whether, after being carelessly assembled from parts gathered together, it had been 'on the road' for forty years. I walked outside and patted my faithful Guzzi V7 on a planed suitcase: “You have not been neglected at all. You are a deep statement of the unique freedom that is in the mind of every biker ”. When I put it that way myself it felt different than when De Meester was quoted. But if you can sell junk for a lot of money, then you're pretty busy.

I'm doing something wrong

I always buy junk for a lot of money. And I now consider whether I should also change my approach. I compensate my purchasing strategy by disposing of things too cheaply if I want to get rid of them. But luckily I'm not alone. When I'm fiddling in the garage there is always a run-up of happy, like-minded marginals. And if I have the time myself, I may like to go and see one of my peers in another drastic accommodation. And that sheds and loft sheds are made in that kind of way that the average Custom Marketeer doesn't think about?

Men like Jan, Fried, Goos, Kleine Steef and Grote Steef and Lex cannot be found at meetings, meetings, events or open days. They have no tattoos or meticulously kept fierce-looking beards. They tinker, do their laps. Do a night in a cheap hotel after a ride. And then they enjoy a few pints with meals and a drink before bed. . And they drive home again. To get back to work in the barn. Because a house and an old motorcycle are never finished.

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  1. Well, you can also see the hunger for new life in the world of the guitar. Artificially aged Fender Stratocaster models whether they were present at Woodstock go for 7000 euros. It's actually sad that people fall for it. Or a really nicely worn copy or a new one, there really doesn't exist in between,

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