Retro rules. And the Interceptor is back too.

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Retro rules. Why? Because the young people only live when they are 'connected'? Because the styling and technology behind modern motorcycles for a while looked very much like "See what we can all dare". And so technically advanced monsters like 200 + pk and twenty electronic control systems came on board to get that power on the road.

Too modern is also not good

Motorcyclists over forty dropped out en masse for this kind of genius madness. Because creations that no longer evoke an emotional 'click' with the archetypal image of a motorcycle? Those aren't motorcycles anymore. And the age group that was focused on? He had no money or interest in it. That is why more and more motorcycle brands are fleeing into the past. And that even appears to appeal to a new generation of motorcyclists. This approach sometimes results in very greedy modern machines with a classic sauce. Harley and Triumph spinning good yarn with it, but also a completely new retro brand such as the Franco-Chinese Mash scores quite well.

The new Interceptor

The most recent descendant in that line has his roots. The Interceptor 650 and Continental (with balance shafts) from Royal Enfield are just like the new Urals an outright heir to 'De Originelen'. And that can be seen from every angle. The REs are of course equipped with injection and ABS and they are expected to be available mid-2018 for the European market. That is indicative of the approach of the people from India. The 'home market' will only be dealt with later. And although it is not even available yet, it is already above all stories and information about the original Royal Enfield Interceptor in Google.

It is unclear what the eternal value of all those retro bikes is. But in any case they save classic lovers the purchase of Tupperware pastries full of electronics for which you can buy absolutely nothing at all in twenty years. They guarantee stylish and maintenance-friendly transport for the days that the real classics are allowed to rest.

And with that idea in mind, you are amazed at the fact that nowadays Kawasaki W800s are still available.

Back to the Royal Enfield name giver

Royal Enfield. That started as the Eadie Mfg Co., later Enfield Cycle Co. Ltd., Redditch, Worcester and Enfield Precision Engineers Ltd., Upper Westwood, Bradford-on-Avon (1898-1903 and 1909-1968).

Originally, Royal Enfield was a needle factory of the Townsend brothers. They started producing bicycles and sold their company in 1892 to Albert Eadie and Robert Walker-Smith. The name Royal Enfield appeared in 1893 on a series of bicycles. In 1901, however, motorcycles with 211cc Minerva blocks have already been built. The block was above the front wheel and drove the rear wheel via a long, crossed belt.

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The original

The Interceptor was made by Royal Enfield between 1960 and 1970. The 700 Interceptor was introduced in 1960 was a modified version of the 692 cc Constellation model of the brand. In 1962, the company introduced the 750 Interceptor which constantly evolved until the end of production in 1970.
With that primal Interceptor the British did what the people of India are doing now: the machines were designed for export to America and Canada. There they responded to the eternal demand for "ever-greater cylinder contents," the standard American obsession. The fat Enfields certainly made a furrow as a scrambler and many machines were supplied with quick detachable lighting to be able to fight even better with the lighter competition.
For now we estimate that the new Interceptors are cheaper than a nice old one ...


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