The inverted world: rust on request


The inverted world: Rust on request.

It most closely resembles that. When ever a showroomshine restored classic was the best you could imagine.

Nowadays, there is still no one who spits on a perfect Daimler Sovereigns or Ferrari GTO, but a completely different trend has been going on for a long time.

Then we talk about the magic word 'patina'

A classic that has stood the test of time with only superficial aging, The dreamed 'barn finds'. In the meantime, people with an XXXL capital have taken up that concept. The trend is to make such a classic technically completely okay again, but to preserve the outward signs of the times at its best…. For example, classics with matt burnt and polished to the steel finish plus optional fly rust are nowadays often 'worth' more than their restored counterparts. That looks like the upside-down world. Yet ?

So in order to be able to drive a somewhat lived-through classic you have to take serious money with you these days. Or, of course, you can buy a neat classic for reasonable money and make it look fierce with the necessary rust. Then you have the looks, but not the costs.

That is the revenue model of Frans Mandigers Art / Rustlook.

And twisted: it's just like real. To what extent will the purists among us turn away disgusted? Ach: It fits in this time when younger classic enthusiasts are a bit looser in terms of what is correct, or what they just like. A lifestyle outfit.

For that kind of approach there is nothing new under the sun.

At the end of the last century and before the last crisis, there was a company in Germany that was happy with the same idea: You brought your spotless Mercedes G, Range Rover or LandCruiser to it. Subsequently, such a brave 4WD was provided with some bucks and bumps. A bumper was skewed. A batch of bright lights - one with a broken glass - and a winch arrived. Roof rack on it. A bumped 20 liter jerry can. Then a muddy trail was driven. And when the dredger dried up, it was fixed with matte-white lacquer. It cost a bit, but then you also rode as the adventurous brother of Indiana Jones.

It is and remains a matter of 'so many people, so many tastes'. But as long as we continue to be surprised, everything is equally interesting.



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  1. Patina is for the true lovers rest look, ratrod etc is for those who have no money left for a restoration and still want to ride a classic. Then suddenly it is completely in to possess a kicked-off ratrod, pure poverty nothing else.

    • henk almost agrees. but a true enthusiast …… if you see that sometimes a rest look or whatever you want to call it is put into it, patina is nice and (I think the most beautiful Look), but sometimes you can't get around it and you have to repair it, while retaining as much patina as possible, the boundary becomes blurred .. between patina and “rust look”

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