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The Fiat 125 is considered to be a very popular 60 / 70 sedan from the history of the manufacturer from Turin. Some call this sophisticated car a modified Fiat 124, but you do it with him. It is a substantially different and historically seen higher positioned model with different dimensions, distinctive technology and a different chassis. This unique child of his time, designed by Dante Giacosa, was built in volume from 1967 to 1972. These days it is a curio. Egbert Spinder from Nosstalgia Classics in Drachten offers a Fiat 125 Special from 1971 painted in Marrone Testa di Moro, and I am happy to have the opportunity to ride this rare thoroughbred Italian quickly. 


When you stand eye to eye with this almost original Fiat 125 Special of the latest Italian generation, you feel a restless desire. The specifications of the Fiat - certainly when you take the year of construction of the Fiat 125 into consideration - form an extra invitation to crawl behind the large steering wheel. The engine configuration with the signature of Aurelio Lampredi, 1608 cc, two overhead camshafts, 1 vertical Solex c 34 PAIA / 10 two-stage downflow carburetor and the power of 100 DIN-PK tastes better in advance. Lots more.

Beautiful materials, correct amount of chromium

This also applies to the beautifully finished and in good condition interior, which has a subtle dashboard finished with wood accents. The clock shop (including revolution counter) is well-arranged, the combination of chrome, upholstery and upholstery is subtle and balanced. It further falls on the interior of the Fiat nowhere leaves room for protruding parts. In addition, the ignition switch is mounted in a safe place on the left side of the steering column. The all-round view is excellent, and the seating position is perfectly adjustable. These are just a few references to the high level of passive safety that the Fiat 125 was known for.

Performance not for the cat

Immediately after the start of the power source, that fine and temperamental hum is revealed that is so characteristic of the engines with the Aurelio Lampredi signature. The grazie Aurelio gets - once on the road - only more intense. The engine does not give a wrong click and is in excellent condition after 104.079 kilometers. It is also striking how easily and quickly the Fiat can be steered through traffic. And on the motorway, the pleasant flexibility of this 47-year-old Fiat 125 Special is evident. In no time at all, speeds of 120 to 130 kilometers per hour are achievable and the accelerations in between are absolutely not for the cat. Not even in fifth gear, which offers much more than the overdrive function alone.

Excellent handling

That potential coincides with good road holding, partly made possible by the conventional rigid axle with leaf springs at the rear. Certainly on straight-ahead routes, those qualities come to the fore, while cornering shows little upset. That is also because the Fiat quickly sets its limits while, partly due to the respect for age, they are not nearly looked up. Steering is also accompanied by feeling, the synchronized five-speed gearbox shifts superbly and with short strokes. Also nice: the control instruments can be found by touch. With closed windows, the excellent effect of the ventilation appears. In addition, the combination of the pleasant motorcycle hum in the background and the rest on board adds to the pleasure. You enjoy this thoroughbred Italian, and that experience is enhanced when the windows are opened. Then you can hear the beautiful sounds of the 1608 cc engine even better. It is a sizzling sound that lasts for a long time.

Points of attention

The loft expressions are not airborne, but of course a classic of 47 year old always has points of interest. The braking system (energized discs all around, separate circuit) slow down very well. However, if you put the braking system to work intensively, the Fiat will turn to the left. That phenomenon is easy to correct, but there is some work to be done. Furthermore, the fuel indicator light reacts enthusiastically when the tank is half full, and the clock in the car wants passengers to live in the past. Under some conditions, initial corrosion can be found under the hood. That's all. Questo è tutto. Despite the points for attention: the technical and cosmetic condition of the Fiat is above all excellent.

Unique and almost addictive combination

Anyone who transfers the asking price for this Fiat 125 Special to Nosstalgia Classics will receive a special, potent, almost original and richly equipped sedan, especially if the few points for attention have been examined. The combination of conventional body design, equipment and sporty sedan performance was unique in 1971, and you can still feel it today. This is really more than a modified (and also respected) Fiat 124. The Fiat 125 Special also shows a distinctive level compared to various classic competitors. And that comes with dangerously addictive traits. This is a formidable sedan!

You can read much more about this unique Fiat and lots of other facts about the Fiat 125 in one of the following AMK editions.


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  1. Have the later Croma 1.
    Also with the Lampredi engine… 2 liter turbo with Bosch l jettronic…. fantastic engine .... much faster than many others with more than 155 hp….

  2. I had an 1986 in 132 with the same (?) 1600 engine. That was the best part of the car. Rust rustled down like a door slammed shut. Was a crispy detail, that carriage. Sold to a student after a year. Always started.

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