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Alfa Romeo Alfasud 1.5 Super. Driving with a smile…

Alfa Romeo Alfasud 1.5 Super
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When this beautiful Alfa Romeo Alfasud 1.5 Super returned to the dealer where it was sold to the first owner in 1979, we were ready to entrust this cool Italian to the asphalt. This is how we made a cherished wish come true.

Alfa Romeo Alfasuds have become rare due to several reasons. Sheet steel quality and brutal handling of technology are examples of this. The contemporary exclusivity makes the fact that we are going to drive a beautiful example, very special. This Alfa Romeo Alfasud 1.5 Super is an enthusiast's car, which has been in the right hands for 39 years. In addition, the Alfa Romeo Alfasud comes from the improved series from 1977 and later. It means that we can fully enjoy the magic that the southern Italian brings to the surface.

Subtle interior in Alfasud

Can't wait to hit the road with the Alfa. The desire is reinforced within the interior. There are no traces of excess, but it shows tasteful minimalism, the right details and accents and subtle slim lines. The interior is made of beautiful velour. And that fits perfectly with the body painted in Verde Matese. The seats – fairly simple in construction – welcome you and provide a deep and active seating position behind a delicate, inward-curved three-spoke steering wheel. I turn the left ignition key towards me and the water-cooled 1.5 boxer engine lets us know that it is ready for the start.

Quiet introduction

We cover the first number of kilometers in peace. I let the engine get up to temperature – also through the half-extended manual choke. In the meantime you notice how smooth and precise the five-speed gearbox, the fine clutch and the precise steering made the early ride more pleasant. We also notice that unevenness is dampened in a sporty way. Ergonomics and ease of use, you notice, were defined distinctively for the Alfasud. Now take the lever located on the right side of the steering column. It combines the operation of the windscreen wipers, the blower and the double horn. Different, in a pleasant way. Trivialities such as all-round visibility further confirm how thoughtfully this Alfa Romeo Alfasud 1.5 Super was designed.

Progressive from rest to dynamics

Meanwhile, the engine temperature has risen to the correct height. The choke is turned off. And that means we can move the smooth 1.5 boxer to give the feather-light Sud the spurs. When I press the accelerator more deeply, it appears that the 1490 cc measuring (and 84 HP generating) power source fits the sporty constructed Alfasud very well. The transformation from satisfying tranquility to intense dynamics is in fact gossamer and takes place progressively gradually with a beautiful couple development. The five-speed gearbox has a nice overlap in all gears without drastic revs. On the highway you are just at the maximum speed of 130 kilometers per hour and even then the end of the acceleration curve is far from in sight, also because the beautiful torque remains available for a long time.

Stimulating desire

Of course we also let the Alfa out on those nice little Frisian inland party roads. There it becomes clear again what brilliant driving characteristics the Alfa Romeo Alfasud 1.5 Super was fitted with. The Alfa is an ideal cornering car, it never betrays the trust you place in it. The Sud is solid on the road. Extremely neutral and precise steering, it evokes an intense desire for new curves. Corners, in which the Alfasud hardly leans. And with good braking maneuvers, the Sud maintains the horizontal line, thanks in part to the Watt arms at the rear.

Coherent interplay

The chassis is a technical and purely mechanical masterpiece. The front wheel suspension, with its McPherson spring elements, transversely positioned lower support arms and angled forward arms (connected to the stabilizer) is masterful. It forms a beautiful whole with the rear part of the chassis with the Watt suspension, the rigid rear axle and the Panhard rod. The coherent interplay of the chassis with the accelerator pedal, steering, the low unsprung weight (brake discs on the gearbox) and the excellent engine does not shrink. Not a moment.


The Alfa is challenging more and more. However, everything comes to an end. The adventure is over. When we say goodbye, the memory that inspires us is that we went out with the best front-wheel drive car of its time. It is this retrospective that evokes a strong desire to drive one of the most beautifully constructed compacts ever again soon. Because she offered us pure fascination. And that's just an understatement for the experience we were allowed to build with this rare and rare fun Alfa Romeo. insane.


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  1. what a pleasure to see and read.
    From 1978 I was allowed to sit in the back seat of a seemingly identical example for many years. Also in Verde Matese. was only the 1.3 Super.
    If he did, it was indeed a party. Two folded timing belts and a rotten gearbox gave my parents quite a hangover. Here and there the rust devil also quickly put its teeth into the sheet metal… Still, I was caught by the alpha virus to full satisfaction. The modern Giulia is delicious

  2. a '75 with 'J' license plate. and those Germans, then already boring, ugly, unimaginative, no 5-speed, tachometer, etc. and not a girl to get along ;)

  3. A 1.5 ti HAD, Tachometer, 5 BOX, H.LEREN FAIRING SEATS, OIL PRESSURE GAUGE, on LPG, always started, never a penny pain, 1,5 years driven with 0 cnt. maintenance, no rust, unfortunately I don't have it anymore….and all those other Alfas ditto!

  4. I bought TI QV new in 1982 and drove it for five years with a smile on my face. Great car. Drove like a kart and very fast. No rust, no technical problems. I have very good memories of that. Until now always Alfa driven (now among others Giulia).

  5. Have had a Sud TI QV (1984) with beautiful rims and very expensive tires. Those tires had super grip, like chewing gum. A few laps of TT circuit took many millimeters of profile. This Sud is still super cool and is owned by a good friend. Have driven many Alfas and still do, but this red Sud was the pinnacle.

  6. I've driven it myself, as in so many different cars, and I can only endorse the driving impression Erik describes. And indeed they fell prey en masse to 'the brown plague'. You heard them rustling loudly. Even in the folder. Very unfortunate for such a car with such an eye for detail, where the main problem, the rust, turned out to be an ineradicable blind spot.

  7. In the 70's I noticed a small spot near the windshield wiper of my Alfasud, I pressed it gently, then the whole wiper disappeared inside the car.!! Still one of the most wonderful driving car I've ever had. Too bad you heard it rust

  8. The only Alfa I have owned. It turned out to be a very nice car to drive, the only car that gave me this feeling as a motorcyclist. A luxury go-kart. The rusting, which meant that this Sud had to be scrapped too early, turned out to be Alfa's own and I was looking for a more practical car to be able to transport more things. But fond memories of this Italian tin!

  9. Fantastic cars drove them three, 1350, 1500 and 1500 TI even got my driver's license in them. The Alpha virus never passed after that. For a fir copy: a square license plate is completely finished.

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