Riley convertible RMA (1947). "Status of artwork." 

Riley RMA convertible
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We rely on tips, but also a good network to track down enthusiastic classic enthusiasts. This is how we tracked down a creative and striking personality with a warehouse full of classical beauties from the 30s and 40s. 

By: Dirk de Jong 

Reimer Visser explains: “15 years ago a garage in Olderberkoop bought a building in which two (old) cars were left behind. It was a stranded project; a Riley convertible from 1947 with the same type as donor. After the purchase, I was preoccupied with saving the Riley from extinction. I love vintage cars that have character, and my English descendants of famous English brands certainly radiate that. Because next to my Riley there are also two Hillman's convertibles from 1935 and 1940. ” 

Club member 

Reimer immediately became a member of the Austin, Morris, Wolsely and Riley registry in order to help maintain these brands. In addition, also from the Hillman club and a local club for classic car enthusiasts (De Fryske oldtimerclub). 

Riley 'special sport' 

If you have a passion for something then you just have to think about it, act on it and talk about it with other enthusiasts. But in addition to talking, the Riley had to be worked hard. For years it had been a quietly rusting beauty that needed to be brought to life. That meant building from scratch. Everything had to be done, the welding, new sheet metal, the engine, the interior, a job of no less than 2,5 years. 


Why Reimer is an artist? He wanted to give his own interpretation and changed the design of the Riley by making it larger doors to make boarding easier. Do you get understanding or misunderstanding from the real enthusiasts? Reimer: "This gave me a positive feeling, my own creativity visible and therefore an extra bit of enthusiasm." 


Reimer has a nostalgic attitude and likes to look at the automobile life through his old-timers, it offers him a kind of guidance. At the age of 79, he has a wealth of memories that give life an extra sparkle. His mobile English collection contributes to that well-being. 

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