Riley RME

Riley RME from 1953, restored to perfection and with know-how
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A moment 'stagnant' while spitting through a pub at Great Britain, the Riley RME pictured here stood out, a bit sloppy in front of the sign 'Bentley Parking Only'. A specimen restored to perfection and 'let out' on a beautiful late summer day by his proud owner.


The glimpse lasted only a short while, because that was where owner Richard came, an extremely friendly, aged man who wants to tell his story, such a type that 'turns on' and never goes 'out' again. (Sometimes) quite nice? In no time we were not only presented with his history, but - fortunately - also his Riley's. Richard is a retired garage mechanic, specialized in the installation of LPG installations and MOT inspector. He bought the car in January 2009 from a fellow Riley Club member. The intention was to 'have something productive to do' when it was a bit quiet in the LPG business. After he had sold his garage, moved several times with all his possessions, "the work" still itched and a "new" garage company was purchased and so work on the Riley could be continued.

Continuation of work

The aforementioned RME was completely dismantled decades before it was bought and resold as such several times. This and that had thrown on it energetically (...). That was not to the liking of our new friend, who took the car completely apart again - until the last screw / bolt was taken apart to 'really' restore it. In the car he has a complete photo report of what happened to it. Impressive. Anyway, to make a long story short, almost five and a half years later, this Riley is perhaps even more beautiful and better than originally delivered by the factory. Remarkably, hidden under the dashboard is a button with which both (!) trafficators - these are the original 'fingers' direction indicator - can be operated simultaneously. An early form of 'emergency lights'? Prior to the demonstration, he started the engine and it runs like a charm. No chatter, no smoke or other nasty noises and healthy oil pressure. He may be driven for a while ... And then it comes, he wants to sell the car, because he has a new challenge in the stables, a Rover 110 ...

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